Membership within an organization goes much further than holding a card and receiving a gift.

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I was up late doing some thinking after the GOP debate on why membership at FDL is so important to me, and what benefits it offers to others who join. I just graduated in 2009, and I like to think that is not all that long ago. I was 23 years old, on the job hunt, sending out 20 resumes a day, interviewing at temp-to-hire firms, willing to take anything and trying to show off my credentials.

I realized that I had a lot of experience on campaigns, and my grades were great, but I did not “get that involved.” What I am getting at here is that FDL is a great member benefits program to become a part of as a young college student or recent graduate. For as low as $5/month or $45/year you can become a member of an organization that could help out on your resume.

Firedoglake membership offers many things that can be beneficial for a young professional looking to market themselves in the employment arena. How so?

1. You can receive tips and advice from experts on how to write compelling online articles.

2. You can attend our webinars with informative, well-known guests, and learn campaign strategies. For example, we have Rob Richie of Fair Vote and Krist Novoselic joining us next week to discuss reforms that make third parties possible. Next interview you have, you can use this information as talking points.

3. Volunteer programs – We have started our first two programs for volunteers that are offered only to our members. Whether you are a graphic designer, excellent proof-reader, great sales caller, or even a coder, we can use your help, and you can add our name to your resume to help bolster your experience section.

4. Meet some really great people on our membership conference calls and 2012 Election Planning Sessionsn.

If you are unable to afford a membership at this time because you are a college student paying tuition, or a recent graduate, reach out to me at to see what we can do to help.


Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook