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Why Democrats Must Challenge President Obama

Democrats must challenge President Obama in a Democratic primary for one of two reasons.  His behavior as President can lead one to draw one of two conclusions.  One possiblity is he folds for people who say no to him.  The second possibility is he is actually a Republican running as a Democrat. Either possibility makes it important for Democrats to oppose him for the good of the country and the good of the party.

The danger we face now is candidate Obama has been put in front of the cameras again so liberals and Democrats will once again want to believe and hope that he is one of us.  He’s not.  A shortened laundry list of his Republican policies:  Gitmo, Bush tax cuts, Iraq, Catfood Commissions. 

Obama’s promise to end the Bush tax cuts required no Republican cooperation.  The fact that he got this Republican wet dream accomplished when Republicans had publicly admitted there was no chance for its extension is what makes me believe that Obama is a Republican.  As such he does not deserve the Democratic Party’s nomination.

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