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You guys are starting to scare me!  It’s like waking up among the “pod people”, where everyone around me has been converted to Obamabots and I hide in the shadows, hoping not to be noticed.

Maybe  I listened to a different speech the other night than everyone else?  I heard Obama repeat at least 3 times that his “jobs bill” was the exact same as what the Republicans wish list called for over the years!   He literally admitted that it was their plan.

Two thirds of Obama’s Jobs package are tax cuts!   He (Obama) plans to lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%; with the pipe dream of closing loop holes.
Question; what good does a tax cut do for a person without a job?

President Obama also repeated 12 times that he would use the “bully pulpit” to sell this “Republican” jobs plan to the republicans.   Funny how he could not find  the time or “guts” to do this for the public option during the health care debate!

Speaking of health care, ObamaCare is pretty much the plan Mitt Romney imposed on the people of Massachusetts.

A Republican Jobs plan
A Republican health care plan
No restraints on Wall Street to speak of after TARP
Global “lynchings” without due process; drone assassinations
Throwing Organized Labor under the bus
Using the desire for freedom (Arab Spring) to restore colonization (Libya)
Doubling down on NAFTA and the WTO with Colombia and South Korean trade deals


The payroll tax cuts are the latest attempt to shuffle the deck chairs on the Titanic (we are going down baby)!

Like the “use your house for an ATM scam”  to pump money into the economy (to buy their sh*t) it will not work.  Both “tricks” will not compensate for the fact that wages have been flat for about 30 years. Anyone but me notice Obama said nothing concerning  wage stagnation?

And what of Davis-Bacon;  will Obama’s Republican partners allow a fair wage?

“Starving the Beast” (government) by declaring and extending a pay roll tax holiday as a back door to “bleed out”  the New Deal

Obama's Love


To say we liberals were duped would be an understatement at this point! When I looked over Obama’s right shoulder into the face of John Boehner, I saw a man trying very hard not to let the “cat out of the bag!”   This “bad cop” seem to be working overtime not to grin, thus letting us understand that the Thursday night Kabuki Theater was so badly done that the chumps might catch on.

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