And the Ringmaster Speaks

Looks like Obama is in full campaign-stumping mode. Not to be outdone, Cantor plans to hold his own event later today.

Snippets from Obama’s speech in Richmond Virginia this morning:You have every right to be frustrated with Washington.  You expect the people you send to Washington to meet their responsibilities.  You expect them to stop the political circus and restore opportunity.  In other words you expect action and you deserve it right now.  And that is why I went to Congress last night to suggest new ways to grow the economy–The American Jobs Act.  Next week I will send it  to Congress. They should pass it right away.  Everything in the Jobs Act has been supported by Democrats and Republicans.  Everything in it will be paid for and it will put people back to work.  Everyone of your voices can make a difference.  Let’s pass this jobs bill right away. Put folks to work.  Raise workers wages. [Note: the crowd went wild when Obama said that Corporations and the rich should start paying their fair share. and also when he said: “Do we keep tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires or do we put teachers back to work?  We can’t do both.  We must make choices.”]  Congress needs to set politics aside to deal with America’s problems and they will only do that if they hear from you.  We gotta give them a little help to do the right thing.  I want you to call, fax, send a carrier pigeon, but tell them to pass this bill now.  The time for gridlock and games is over.  Pass this bill now. If you want teachers in the classroom, pass this bill. Tell Congress to fight for tax cuts for us as hard as they fight for tax cuts for oil interests.  It’s time for Congress to worry about your jobs–not their jobs 14 months from now.  We have to seize the moment now.  Let’s get to work.



Well it sounds fairly good, for the most part, and it is certainly the most comprehensive jobs plan to date that has been offered.  It does go beyond the Republicans’ broken record of tax breaks for the rich and tort reform which seems to be the best that they can do.

One might well ask them if tax breaks for the rich are such a hot solution for job creation, then why, during the Bush administration when we had the largest tax breaks for the rich in our history did we have zero job growth?

And while we are at it, we can ask that same question of the Democrats because in December of 2010, when we still had a Democratic majority in BOTH Houses AND a “Democrat” for president, did they vote to extend the Bush tax cuts which more than obviously don’t work?   [If you need an answer to THAT question, you only need to look at the increase in the net worths of the 44% of Congress who are multimillionaires for your answer.  Tax cuts work very well for millionaires–just not so much for the rest of us.]

The rich from BOTH parties have been playing a game of chicken with the American people for three  long years now–beginning with Paulson’s chicken little TARP dance back in the fall of 2008.  TheThey have sacrificed the US economy and the economic well-being of the majority of Americans for their own personal gain. [And if you need any concrete evidence of this, you can compare percentages of increases in your net worth over the past three years with those of members of Congress. Their investments have been making money for them hand over fist–by the millions of dollars for some members.]

Now however, with 2012 looming and with an angry public barking at them, they are ready to toss us a few crumbs so we will be fool enough to not run for office ourselves and kick their asses out.  I’m inclined to say “Too little too late.  Take  your crumbs and shove them.”

Liz Berry

Liz Berry