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Hate amendment sponsor NC State Sen. Forrester on gays: ‘We need to reach out to them and get them to change their lifestyle back to the one we accept’

NC State Senator James Forrester, a retired physician, and the man who has been the perennial sponsor of a bill that would permanently make LGBT citizens in the state second-class citizens by public vote, is, to be charitable, a sick man with a terminal case of homophobia. In some cases politicians engage in political homophobia — meaning they professionally gay-bash for purported or perceived political gain, but socially aren’t uncomfortable socializing and working with LGBTs

In the case of Forrester, the latter is simply not possible. How else can you explain what occurred at his town hall last night in his district, along with fellow homophobic state elected officials Sen. Kathy Harrington, Rep. Kelly Hastings, Rep. John Torbett and Rep. Bill Current? (Gaston Gazette):

He said that he’s sponsored the bill for eight years and this year it’s time to see it get passed. Republicans now control the majority in the state Legislature and Forrester says that Gov. Bev Perdue, a Democrat, cannot veto a constitutional amendment.

“It’s a new day in Raleigh. This could really make a mark on society as we know it,” he said. “Let the people vote on it. I think the people will overwhelmingly vote for marriage as one man, one woman.”

…Forrester, a physician, said the lifespan of homosexuals is decreased by at least 20 years due to the increased risk of developing AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases.

We need to reach out to them and get them to change their lifestyle back to the one we accept,” he said.

Wow. Just. Wow. Digest this foulitude:

“change their lifestyle back to the one we accept.”

The audience at the venue, Restoring Hope Foursquare Church, gave Forrester a standing ovation. I received this message from Robert John Kellogg, who was the only (out) LGBT member of the audience who had to listen to garbage like this from Forrester. He said:

Pam, I was the only LGBT individual there. The hate coming from Forrester was so evident I wanted to get sick. I did stand up and challenge all 5 lawmakers to meet with the local LGBT community, but none said they would.

Robert expanded his description in the comments of the article on the town hall:

After the Gazette staff left I spoke up as a gay man in Gaston County and asked lawmakers present if they would be willing to meet with a group of LGBT constituents just as they were with the church group that hosted the town hall meeting.

None directly answered my question and Rep. Torbett said, “is this not what we are doing now?” Somehow one voice in opposition to a church of supporters to the amendment is not my idea of a real town hall meeting where all voices are heard.

This was hardly a fair and balanced meeting. From the beginning all the rep’s stated their support for the bill and all of the questions where from members of the church who were preaching to the choir.

How about a real town hall meeting in a public place not affiliated with a biased group where real dialogue can be spoken.

Rep Torbett says that gays and lesbians are evil and there is no inbetween area just good and bad, right and wrong and LGBT members are evil.

Forrester’s statement, “We need to reach out to them and get them to change their lifestyle back to the one we accept,” sums up what this town hall was all about. It was not to have a reasonable discussion about LGBT individuals and a proposed constitutional amendment, it was about changing gays and lesbians to be more like them.

It was captured on video. Don’t lose your lunch:

And another comment about the idiocy and promotion of junk science by Forrester:

Forrester’s “live 20 years less” bullpucky has been discredited for a decade, and is based on blatant misuse of a study by a homophobic psychologist so unprincipled he was drummed out of several professional organizations. (And, with improved treatments, lifespans for people with HIV are much longer than when the study was done, 20 years ago.) Proves, I guess, that even an MD can be an ignoramus. Or a liar. Or both.

But let’s say the claim were true and health should be a consideration in marriage rights. Does that also mean that the morbidly obese and cigarette smokers shouldn’t be allowed to get hitched? How about morbidly obese smokers?

This guy is a DOCTOR? And he thinks people should be demonized for their diseases? Wow. Really compassionate. I’d love to be the nurse at his deathbed.

Like Maggie Gallagher of NOM, these people don’t like their views scrutized in a real open debate; they prefer this kind of flat-earth, closet-case, ex-gay-promoting, head-on hate to go unchallenged in small supportive  groups.

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