Meh. Nothing much caught my eye today following The Great SoCal Blackout (9/8 — Never Forget!). I only hope that Herman Cain doesn’t make a video memorializing it someday with him solemnly covering Little Walter’s Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights. in the background. So, after a short day at work,  I just spent the rest of the afternoon reading the new Tom Perrotta in between impromptu naps. MrsTBogg and the L&T Casey are staying at a friends beach house down in Rosarita for the weekend so it’s just me and the boys wandering about the house and making plans for Sunday’s 9/11 observance which is shaping up to be “stretching out on the couch and napping during NFL games” like most American’s who don’t feel the need for calculated show-offy somber reflection designed for public display.

To do so would mean that the terrorists won.

So here’s you random ten-ish and I hope you appreciate the new Random 10 graphic..

Welcome To Planet Motherfucker – White Zombie
My Sentimental Melody – The Magnetic Fields
Pitch The Baby – The Cocteau Twins
The Kid With The Butterfly Net – Graham Parker and the Rumour
(Kind of) True – The Golden Palominos
Rebel Rebel – David Bowie
Aw Shit Man – The Minus 5
Reflector – Medeski Martin & Wood
Tell Me You’ll Wait For Me – Cassandra Wilson
Find A River -Lowell George
and the -ish one: Have A Cigar – Pink Floyd


Also, too. For you Little Feat fans



Yeah. Like I would tell you....