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It appears that Republicans are all for it as usual–a one-sided compromise:  Plenty of room for agreement–as long as you agree with the part that they want.

The problem with many in the current Republican leadership is that they don’t understand the meaning of compromise.  They only seem to understand what it means to be in full agreement with them.  Eric Cantor briefly appeared on CNN this morning for perhaps five minutes.  His approach was to say there there were many things in the President’s jobs plan that Republicans could agree with.  Of course these things were payroll cuts for employers, and deregulation measures.  But when the commentator pointed out that these were things that the Republicans agreed with in the first place, and asked about agreeing on some of the inclusions in the the bill that Republicans don’t like, Cantor pulled the same Republican stonewalling act we have seen over the last three years from the Republicans in the House.  Furthermore, many of them did not even attend President Obama’s speech last night.

And speaking of the Republican stonewalling over the past three years, perhaps you will get a better picture of it when you see that life has been good for members of the Republican leadership over the past three years.  Mr. Cantor is not suffering from the effects of a recession that has put millions of Americans out of work and hundred of thousands on the street.  Mr. Cantor does not have a clue as to how 77% of Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck feel.

In 2008 Mr. Cantor’s net worth was $6,707,999

In 2009 Mr. Cantor’s net worth was $7,533,999

An increase of $826,000 from his Wall Street investments.  Mr. Cantor, along with at least 44% of members of Congress who are multimillionaires have been increasing their own personal net worth by hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases by millions.  All this while the only bills they are willing to pass are ones that in fact will make them even richer and the rest of us poorer.

They talk of sacrifice while making none.



And what is the solution?  Kick their asses out in 2012.  All millionaires in Congress need to go and take their Milton Friedman multilevel marketing scheme we call the “free Market” U.S. economy with them.  The Milton Friedman neo-liberal economics that is supported not only by the Republicans, but also Obama and the White House is broken for the majority (80% of Americans who earn less than $100,000 a year).  It works exactly the same way that a multilevel or pyramid marketing scheme works:  only those at the top benefit from this ideology that encourages privatization of public institutions; deregulation of corporations; destruction of concepts of the common good; and adherence to the magical beliefs that corporations are people and that markets adjust themselves instead of people like Lloyd Blankfein manipulating markets.

Once again, here is a diagram of the multilevel marketing scheme that we call the US economy.  If you belong to those in the 80% portion of this diagram, your chances of succeeding in this scam are about as likely as they are for someone who is joining Amway or any other established multilevel marketing scheme.

But as I’ve said, most of the Democrats in Congress today are as bad as they Republicans.  The only solution I see is to kick them all out and replace them with Americans from the 80% who do give a damn and who will reprsent the majority.  Until we drastically alter the Milton Friedman economic ideology for the rich that is driving the bus of our economy into the ditch–nothing of any significance will change for the majority of the people in our nation.

NOTE: President Obama is scheduled to be in Richmond Virginia, Cantor’s home state this morning to push his jobs bill.  It will be interesting to know what he says and does.  If he is smart and aggressive, Obama will stand in front of many of the crumbling bridges in Virginia and say:  “Millions of people drive over this bridge every day to work.  Like the I-35W Mississippi bridge in Minneapolis that collapsed in 2007 killing 13 people and injuring 135 this bridge could too collapse any day.  If Eric Cantor has his way, money will not be allocated to make you  and your families safer.”

Liz Berry

Liz Berry