If Obama’s speech on “jobs” had been given by a rightwinger, the blogsopshere would be glowing red.  This is the worst speech ever by a Democratic Prez, and it’s being praised?

Make people work for free for businesses – the chain gang approach

cut social security and medicare – toss the oldsters onto an ice floe

more fucking tax cuts – really a further attempt to undermine social security, even as the money “feels good” as it trickles in – more than half this wonder-bill is tax cuts, some old some new, and we know those work great don’ we (and, shhh, it’s gonna be paid for by more cuts in the budget – guess who will get screwed there?)

My own faves are on the so-called spending side:

$50 billion in infrastructure repairs – like this will ever happen

$10 billion for an infrastructure bank to help leverage private capital – more money for the rich

$30 billion for school modernization and repairs; and $35 billion in aid to states and municipalities for the purposes of rehiring and retaining teachers and first responders – good idea tho a drop in the bucket

re-authorize federal unemployment benefits for another year – on October 1 here in Michigan 30,000 kids will be tossed off the government rolls, and the unemployment is limited by law, so this wont see a nickel in this state for workers laid off

additional incentives for employers to retain their workers and train new ones without any cost – the slave labor act and of course, business will respond with more paying jobes, when they can get workers free for nothing

$15 billion for “Project Rebuild” a program that would leverage private capital to finance the refurbishing of vacant or foreclosed homes – another giveaway to the rich

Well, others can praise our Fearless Leader, but when you look at this ton-o-crap, its just more of the same, with a passionate speech.