No.  I’m not.  I’ve always been perplexed about what small town America looks at when they say that, and that includes my mother.  I left the Midwest after HS graduation, so I’m not like him at all.  I’m more like my great-grandfather, who  went to work as a doorman at a grand San Francisco hotel early in the 20th century, 100yrs ago.   Just as I started city life in the Royal Sonesta Hotel in New Orleans 40yrs ago.  There was a big gap of “other stuff” in the 80yr age gap between him and me, and even I can’t imagine how his world worked around him.  So no, I’m not “just like your great-grandfather” either.

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. isn’t his father either. Just as JFK and RFK were not THEIR father. Joseph Kennedy Sr. got a great deal of his wealth from bootlegging during Prohibition. That was the world he survived in, and he provided his children with enough education and upbringing to keep them out of that business. Jimmy’s father survived (for awhile) in a thug-based world, fighting to better conditions for the lower class.  Not even his mother could say that their son (raised with educational advantages so he did NOT have to fight for financial survival) uses anything like his father’s business tactics.

Jimmy Sr. was fighting for lower class to give them opportunity to join the middle class. Jimmy Jr. is fighting for middle class to keep what they’ve built and earned.  It’s a different fight.

But even though the current struggle is for a *more polite* bracket of our society, here come the misinformed and the gullible, spouting clichés like “he’s just like his dad” and “concrete shoes.”  They aim homemade arrows of racism, classism and prejudice to create division and hatred — creating somebody they think they can be better than. Sad movies always make me cry.