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The Job Act???

Money has been spent foolishly since the President has been in office. He, in the beginning, said that the first monies spent is to provide more jobs. What is Unemployment height, today? Has it improve??? Cut backs, get rid of the Unneccessities and there will be more jobs available. Businesses have cut back from full-time to part-time or layed off people or some people forced to take retirement. Has it improved??? And now, the President, again, wants to spend 4oo hundred billion….of dollars to produce more jobs. Excuse me what happen the first, second, third time, etc…. Logic tells me if it does not work then, why do it again??? I somehow have to agree with Rick Perry, the President is unable to fix this problem so let the people do so. My thoughts are why is the president trying to destroy America and the People. Another thing I just do not like him always saying We the People …. think or believe or what ever. I don’t think he is giving the People the opportunity to vote on this JOB ACT or any of what he has signed in to action.  I am not feeling very secure with his WORK HABITS and how it AFFECTS THE PEOPLE.  I believe he needs to quit spending and put something into action with all that money he has already spent….we the people are not seeing any results.

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an idiot