CSPAN also has a livestream here.

Last year, my livestream interview with Alan Simpson on FDL following a closed door meeting of the Catfood Commission helped expose the backroom shenanigans and  attempts to destroy Social Security that were being hidden from the American people.

Now we face an even greater threat to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from the Supercommittee. I’ll be livestreaming again today, and after the meeting I hope to catch up with some of the committee members once again.

You can sign a petition to be delivered to the president, telling him to protect Social Security here.

Please leave any ideas for questions to ask supercommittee members in the comments below, if I don’t get to them this time I will try again at their next meeting.

You can also call Senator Murray and Rep. Hensarling to demand they broadcast all meetings, not just the opening statements and canned speeches. Click here for phone numbers and a script.

Social Security Works

Social Security Works