And so we have a “Jobs” speech.  AGAIN.  And we have a “Jobs” plan, AGAIN.

Who was surprised by this?  Did anyone expect him to say anything different?  Really, did anyone here at FDL expect anything different?  Was it really a surprise?  Is this DKos?  Digby?  Or even HP? (Even HP has some interesting articles on it), blast from the past, Obama’s “Tax Holiday”: A Poison Pill for Social Security.  From Dec 7th, 2010.  But tell me those points made don’t apply now?  This is the long game folks, ie. long-term thinking.  Playing for keeps.

You know what they always say: Pay now or pay later. Middle-class Americans may pay very dearly for the president’s tax deal, and at the stage of life when they can least afford it. By providing a temporary cut in the payroll taxes that fund Social Security, this deal starts the nation down a slippery slope that could lead to permanent benefits cuts for the middle class and even more wealth for the rich.

In other words, Obama’s “payroll tax holiday” could send the financial safety of America’s seniors on a permanent vacation.

Well Mr. Eskow isn’t that a bit too harsh?  I mean President Osterity would NEVER do that.  He’s Democrat after all.  See that “D” next to his name.  It stands for You have to go through me before you can touch government programs that help the non-rich, … I’d rather “D”ie than let you touch them.  It doesn’t stand for grade a, prime cut, “D”ouche bag that targets the weak and defenseless.  Republicans stand for the rich and corporations.  Right?

1) Tax Cuts for Small Business
a. Payroll Tax Cut

You see it’s just a payroll tax cut.  It’s not like he’s going after FICA and the funding for SS to weaken it from the inside.  I mean that’s just crazy talk.  Mr. Eskow, of the past, disagrees.

It was Barack Obama who promoted an off-balance set of priorities that made deficits the center of attention, at a time when the official unemployment rate is 9.8% (and the unofficial rate is much higher). It was Barack Obama who formed a deficit commission and then gave it explicit authority to address Social Security (which doesn’t affect the deficit). And it was Barack Obama who appointed two longtime Social Security slashers to co-chair it (along with an economist who has made cutting benefits her life’s mission).

Now now, next thing you will say the deficit crisis was manufactured and that it was President Osterity himself who put those on the table, ie. the butcher’s knife.  President Osterity wouldn’t do that.  And Mr. Eskow, of the past, well … he’s just a raging liberal communist/socialist/free-loading slacker.  But look what else is there.

2) Putting Workers Back On the Job
a. Fund to prevent teacher layoffs and first responder layoffs – $35 billion. $30 billion would be used to prevent teacher layoffs and would be distributed using Title I formula and not given to Governors with great discretion as was done before. $5 billion for first responders to be distributed through COPS and Safer Communities.

Look ma jobs.  Didn’t I tell you. President Osterity knows jobs.  Sure it’s a little late.  But better late than never?  Maybe?  Oh ya, and the Republicans, the other branch of the corporatist party, made him do it.  So it isn’t President Osterity’s fault, right?  They literally put a gun to his head … well they put it to our heads, but same dif.  And sure these are no NEW jobs.  They just prevent us from losing anymore.  So that’s something … right???  Well look at this way, do we want Texas cut fire department funding by 75 percent this year repeated in the rest of the country?

Under Gov. Rick Perry (R) this year, Texas slashed state funding for the volunteer fire departments that protect most of the state from wildfires like the ones that have recently destroyed more than 700 homes.

Volunteer departments that were already facing financial strain were slated to have their funding cut from $30 million to $7 million, according to KVUE.

The majority of Texas is protected by volunteer fire departments. There are 879 volunteer fire departments in Texas and only 114 paid fire departments. Another 187 departments are a combination of volunteer and paid.

Oh Good-Hair, how I love your free-market principles.  As for those homes, well they can douse that fire with their bootstraps or pray for it, right?  And at least you held true to your principles and did NOT get the big bad gubemint involved, right?

At a press conference Monday, Perry promised to seek federal disaster relief and said that FEMA would be in the state by Wednesday.

While the Texas governor has been highly critical of FEMA in the past, he told CBS’ Erica Hill Tuesday that now was not the time to worry about reforming the agency.

I blame the liberals in Texas … as I’m sure he does.  For the fires, obviously Dawg’s wrath against the liberals, and thus forcing him to bring in the big bad gubemint.  Damn Dawg-less liberals.

Back to the action.

3) Rebuilding America

a. $30 billion investment in School Construction – to be distributed to the 100 neediest school districts
b. $50 billion in infrastructure – $5 billion for TIGER IV and TIFIA
c. $10 billion for an infrastructure bank – open to projects from both the public and private sectors
d. $15 billion for Project Rebuild – formerly Neighborhood Stabilization – addressing foreclosures and vacant commercial properties

Boy oh boy, we’re rebuilding America.  Why?  America is perfect.  Didn’t you get the memo?  Sometimes that President Osterity really gets a little to close to talking like a Dawg-less, America-hating liberal.  30 billion to 100 districts.  Woohoo.  For those 100 districts.  And the rest … bootstraps baby.  5o billion in infrastructure?  Let’s hope we get some no-bid contracts in there.  Or else it’s socialism.  10 billion for a bank?  Well let’s hope the Republican Corporatist branch can stop that socialism.  15 billion for … well let’s hope it goes to the property owner … we’re not socialists, right?

4) Pathways Back to Work – $5 billion
a. Extend UI
b. 1/3 summer jobs; 1/3 TANFF Emergency and 1/3 Innovation Fund for Training

Why this socialism???  We should be cutting back on UI, to say something like 1 week of UI or NONE.  The unemployed, like the poor, are leaches on our society.  I say there is only use for these leaches … well soylent green (thank you Charlton Heston, what would we do without you? … Let’s hope we never have to find out).  Of course all the rest is socialism.  Let the unemployed bums … well bootstraps of course.  And I mean we should beat them with their bootstraps for their laziness.  Shoulda worked harder …

5) Plan is fully paid for.
a. President will look to the Super Committee to identify $1.5 Trillion plus additional savings which will pay for the plan.

Now this is too little.  We need to cut at least 14.7 trillion.  That’s our debt right? says so.   And since we are a family, we need to cut back.  I say we cut SS and Medicare, and any and all gubemint programs and departments, except for defense.  We need defense, because they hate us for our freedoms.  So bye bye moochers at the EPA, FDA, SEC, …  Take them all out, and … well I don’t know the numbers, … I’m not some elitist liberal.  Just cut them and see what happens.  What could possibly go wrong?  USA, USA, USA!!!