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Tonight’s Debate Drinking Game: Name Yer Poison

Got your landing spot right here. (photo: Snap Man)

What’s your drinking game word, or phrase, for tonight’s GOP debate at the Saint Ronnie Liberry and Shrine? What word will get you wasted under the wing of His Blessed Air Force One?

If you want to get a buzz on, take a drink whenever any candidate uses one of these tried and true constructions: Obamacare, one-term president, repeal, tax-and-spend, liberal, central government, socialist, infrastructure, Ronald Reagan, European health care (as an insult).

If you need to get completely blotto before you decide which of these bozos might actually be our next President (it could happen!) combine any of the above with take back America, tax cuts, Christian nation, deficit, trillions, real Americans, out0-of-touch elites, job creators and JOBS (must infer capitalization from tone of voice).

If you want to stay stone cold sober, here are some ideas: listen hard for any mention of America’s historic wealth inequality, African-American unemployment, Osama bin Laden, our decaying cities, gay rights, women’s health crisis, civil servants, and European health care (as a compliment). Also good for your sobriety: any mention of Fred Karger, Gary Johnson, Buddy Roehmer, George W Bush.

And if you’re not drinking at all, ‘ere: Sarah Palin. That’s good for a giggle-snort.

Enjoy the debate!

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge