The Media Import Of Job Robbers

It will probably be a good thing for all when my doctors release me to go back to work next month as then I won’t be posting as many commentaries or news tidbits in this FDL blog but until then here’s something that annoys me to no end and got my blood pressure up yet again while watching The Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC.

Just as we over the years get livid and outraged over corporations outsourcing jobs overseas, so too I and I’m sure others who have or do work in the news biz get annoyed as more and more the alphabet networks are importing Brits and Aussies to be reporters, anchors and contributors.

After there not enough from the unemployed pool of American journalists from the Fourth Estate to fill these jobs ?

Good grief sometimes I feel like I’m watching the BBC instead of American news organizations.

Qualified these Brits and Aussies may be, come on, I’d rather be watching some ditsy American fake blond than the Brit one I watched in the first half hour of today’s Ratigan’s show.

Made In America should apply to our news orgs too.

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