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Make this viral: anti-gay pastor Johnny “two locks” Hunter on the biology of protecting marriage

Hailing all locksmiths – help out this equal opportunity bigot: anti-gay NC pastor Dr. Johnny Hunter of Cliffdale Community College holds up 2 locks (representing women) then 2 keys (representing men), then bangs each set together to prove God meant that they were not designed for each other – to instruct us that because of biology (and locksmithery) LGBT people shouldn’t be able to get married.

This is the kind of intelligence our Republicans in the NC General Assembly listens to as they near debate on a marriage amendment. Via EqualityNC, who had people there to witness this embarrassment – the pro-amendment forces think this is the best case they can make for a marriage amendment? Watch and keep your jaw off of the table.

Hunter: “You see…two locks…(pulls them out of his pocket, bangs them together) cannot open each other. (Bangs them together again) They don’t work together (continues banging)…they weren’t designed to work together. In fact, even if you had two keys (pulls those out of his pocket)…two keys don’t work together. What it takes to consummate a marriage is a lock and a key. (Holds up a lock and a key).”

Oh, and Hunter wasn’t the only one who preached hate at this  legislative presser. Watch the bigotry of the equally heinous blather emitting from the pie hole of Donald Q. Fozard, who shepherds the flock over at Durham’s Mount Zion Christian Church. He lives less than a mile from me in a ridiculous McMansion that has near the front door — I sh*t you not — a life-size white statue of a man and woman in embrace representing man-woman marriage.

Fozard stood up to share the wisdom that “every major empire that ever came to naught was because homosexuality was pushed.” He believes that civil rights should be up for a vote, using the logic that gay folks only represent 3% of the population so who gives a flip whether they have any civil rights. Yes, what a man of God. Protect your keyboards again, please.

A classic Fozard moment of delusional bigotry: “You take 20 male couples and put them on an island and give them all the things they need to survive for 100 years. You take 20 female couples and put them on an island give them all the things they need to survive for 100 years. You take 20 heterosexual couples and put them on an island and come back in 100 years – the male island will be dead (slams fist on the podium). The female island will be dead (slams fist on the podium), but the island that has a man and a woman on it will have children running around all over the place.”

Funny Fozard didn’t mention any scenario where opposite-sex couples who are infertile spend 100 years on an island. That one would be dead (my fist on the podium) as well. What on earth does this have to do with marriage then? Nothing. #FAIL. The fact that any reality-based argument for passing an amendment that restricts civil rights is based on garbage — foul stinking flaming garbage like this — is a disgrace.

Oh by the way, this is an old saw for Fozard, who clearly lacks any originality. I blogged about this man way back in October 2009 where he said the exact same thing (“Pastor Donald “Faggot!” Fozard and Herald-Sun columnist rail about Council’s marriage equality vote“). At that time he was foaming at the mouth because Durham’s City Council unanimously passed a resolution supporting marriage equality.

Speaker Thom Tillis (, @thomtillis) – is this caustic bigotry what you wish to promote as your legislative legacy?

It’s a sad day for North Carolina, and for all of the taxpayers who care more about jobs in this economy than bible-beating bigots who think public policy should be decided based on their narrow religious views.

Equality NC needs your help to beat this back, and bring sense to the minds of the fair-minded legislators who are on the fence about this amendment. There will be a rally at the Gen Assembly next week, and there will be vigils held, including one at Duke Chapel on the 12th.

This is about LGBT North Carolinians’ very identities. We are productive citizens of this state and we will NOT be demonized. Please, make your gift now to help us show that we will NOT be thrown under the bus.

On Friday we told you about last week’s disgusting press conference held by Representative Paul Stam and Representative Dale Folwell, during which Stam once again trotted out polygamy and incest as reasons to ban same-sex marriage. As anyone who follows our work knows, Stam is no stranger to us, and sadly, neither are his antics.

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