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Late Night FDL: This Just In – Francisco Franco is Still Dead, Tom Emmer is Still a Nutbar

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Hello everyone! Phoenix here, doing the late night shift, and bringing you a blast from the past.

Remember Minnesota’s Tom Emmer, the dipwad who would be governor? He came a bit too close to it for my comfort, largely because of a local legacy media that was far too gentle to him and far too eager to pass along smears against his DFL opponent (and seriously good guy) Mark Dayton, but even the legacy press couldn’t quite insulate Emmer from the effects of his own actions. (Remember his War on the Waitstaff and the mythical $100,000-a-year waitress? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.)

So what’s His Nuttiness up to now? Oh, the usual: Letting his imagination run wild, indulging in paranoid ecstasies, promoting mendacious bullshit, that sort of thing.

Sally Jo Sorensen documents his emo-wingnut take on the glittery activities of Nick Espinosa and the Gay Barbarians (Warning to hay fever sufferers: Emmer crafted a bunch of straw men):

Dismayed by the sudden appearance of a Minnesotans For [Discriminatory] Marriage booth on a grassy boulevard, clever giltterati dropped the sparkly on the booth from the Minnesota State Fair’s signature skilift ride. The City Page’s Roy Pratt noted that

As usual, Nick Espinosa chose the least violent, most colorful protest yet known to man.


The template response to glitterbombing is “What if these barbarians dropped something other than glitter?” with the expectation that the audience will then froth out at the imaginary image of acid or knives or fill-in-the-blank.  And already, a spokester for Minnesotans for Marriage passively aggressively whined to WCCO/CBS Minnesota and whomever else will listen about the “tolerance” from “the other side.”

Bluestem gives a hearty thumbs up, though, to Tom Emmer for creativity in a post at True North, Emmer: I Guess The Mainstream Media Only Cares When Bad (and Potentiall?y) Dangerous Behavior Is Against Their Point Of View…:

When is this guy going to be charged?  Why do our so-called “reporters” give an attention-hungry child what he wants?  Why are the reporters not questioning authorities about their hands-off approach to this assaultive behavior?  Yes, we are just talking about glitter but that should not be the issue.  If an immature young man like this one was dropping glitter on a high school student in Anoka, wouldn’t we hear the media cry for more bullying laws. . . .

In short, let’s not talk about the glitter, but let’s imagine that LGBT activists were dropping glitter on gay students, why then….

Aw, go taste the rainbow, Tommy, and get over yourself.

But of course he won’t. He can’t. Instead, he goes from emo whining and straw-men creation to touting a doctored and debunked copy of a Jimmy Hoffa speech as the real deal while playing the part of a tone troll decrying imaginary violence by imaginary lefties.

When will the local legacy media stop covering for him?

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