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After Rick Perry Cut Fire Department Funding by 75%, Texas Ravaged by Wildfires

The wildfires near Bastrop, TX. (photo: GalgenTx)

The worst wildfires in Texas history are still burning, and so far, have destroyed 1,000 homes and tens of thousands of acres. And the Secessionist, who was last seen begging the feds for help — has some ‘splainin’ to do.

Perry and other Republican lawmakers have recently argued that federal disaster relief — such as aid for states hit by tornadoes and hurricanes — must be offset by federal spending cuts, but they have yet to make that argument in fire-ravaged Texas. The state recently cut funding for volunteer fire departments by 75% as a cost-saving measure.

This is the entirely predictable outcome of a state without income taxes that’s ruled completely by Teapublicans. They wanted “small government” — they got it.

Texas Forest Service officials said they were requesting 300 to 400 additional firefighters from outside agencies. Officials said crews fighting the Bastrop blaze and other large fires were still short-staffed Tuesday, although help was arriving from elsewhere in the state and as far away as California.

It’s bad enough that the Secessionist had to ask Obama for help — but the high-tax, liberal, totally gay People’s Republic of California?

How humiliating.

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