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RNC Research Director Dooms Rick Perry’s Presidential Campaign

Photo credit: Hans Splinter

Photo credit: Hans Splinter

This is just too delicious: Back when RNC Research Director was Kay Bailey Hutchison’s campaign spokesman, he rebutted a Rick Perry attack ad with this:

This has got to be embarrassing for Rick Perry’s campaign but are those ACORN members standing behind Rick Perry in 2005? According to ACORN’s website, they are. We guess Rick Perry was for ACORN before his campaign issued last night’s statement attacking Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Alas, the ACORN link is now defunct, but the Chronicle helpfully provides the photo of Rick Perry looking perfectly happy to be surrounded by ACORN members, along with a nice quote from Houston ACORN about how this was their proudest moment.

Why, that’s almost as devastating as having your picture taken with Saddam Hussein!  Okay, bad example. On the other hand, ACORN was an even bigger right-wing boogeyman than Saddam, what with it being an existential threat to American democracy and all.  If Michele Bachmann doesn’t use the photo, maybe Obama will.

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