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Party Machine Loyalists/Apologists/Propagandists Attack Progressives/FDL/NPA/Me with Climate Denial & Racist Allegations

Party Machine Loyalists/Apologists/Propagandists Attack Progressives/FDL/NPA/Me with Climate Denial & Racist Allegations — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


I stumbled onto a couple of would-be “liberal” blog communities trashing ours when I Googled myself.

For standard identity maintenance, and because I know of mix-ups, I checked to see what if anything people were saying about me online. I found two sites with virulent animosity toward progressives, especially Firedoglake.

Obviously, I believe in Freedom of Expression: You can read their clips and think for yourself. But I must set the record straight on their most outrageous accusations and assertions.

I consider both Democratic Underground and Angry Black Lady akin to astroturf, the forte of corporate-sponsored fake “green” environmental hucksters. These two sites fake an adherence to the Democratic Party’s principles based on conscience, but actually support President Obama’s ultra-Right-wing war machine; at the same time, they smear progressives in an attempt to divide and conquer Left-leaning voters.

Democratic Underground (DU) superstitiously used Climate Science denial to attack Fire Dog Lake (FDL), citing quotes from an editorial I wrote at FDL’s seminal blasting Senator Kerry’s corporate-welfare “Climate” bill. DU ridiculed FDL, pointing to my stated beliefs that (1) emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) causes human-generated Global Warming; that (2) stronger GHGs have higher Global Warming Potentials (GWPs) and therefore cause worse climate change effects; and that (3) the Obama/Kerry agenda for drastically increased emissions of the worst GHGs is suicidal madness on a global scale at best, but to me it looks like Democrats selling their children’s health for some Bribery money from Oil companies and Chemical manufacturers.×165405

(complaining about my column from’s seminal May 14, 2010):

Firedoglake [h]as completely lost whatever mind it ever had … One of their posters alleges some kind of conspiracy between Senator Kerry, the environmental groups, the scientists, the mainstream and the alternative media and the EPA to hide the “fact” that wind and solar are worst – yes worse = greenhouse emitters than coal and gas. So, is Senator Kerry leading an effort to help evil scientists – probably at MIT – rule the world after they destroy it? Anyway, he says that MA is humiliated and embarrassed by their senior Senator. (I think he got the bad acid.)’

Wow, did he ever get it wrong, the stereotyping bigot! Yes, my parody of Kerry and Obama as corporate puppets is cruel, but accurate. The last time I did acid, it was good. The only conspiracy is Climate Science: Increasing GHGs with the worst GWPs makes the USA DOA PDQ. Look it up, Einstein.


Angry Black Lady ran this headline on August 16, 2011: “New Progressive Alliance: More Racist Than Progressive.”

The New Progressive Alliance ( is not Racist. It is specifically anti-Racist in that it formed (here at FDL) to resist and challenge the far-Right agenda of the current Administration.

The angry one attacked me personally, but may have tried to erase it. I couldn’t find the following in the column, but on the Google page it says: ‘These people aren’t Democrats, or liberals, or “progressives,” they are ratfuckers … Here’s what a “New Progressive” just said to me. …. Then there’s the curious case of Norman Bie and Alan Maki. Norman Bie, who gave $2000 to the campaign of Marco Rubio (per FEC reports), and Alan Maki, who gave $1950 to an organization called “Safari Club ...”‘ Maybe Angry Black Lady tried to delete it because she wasn’t sure she’d gotten her facts straight.

I’m not a Climate Science denier like DU, but I am a Norman Bie denier. I am not that other Norman Bie! I sent this rebuttal:

normanb says:

Dear Angry Black Lady:
Googling myself I found a quote from you wherein you mistook me for another man who has a similar name to mine. I am Norman Bie, and I was on the Steering Committee of the New Progressive Alliance. You reported that I gave a political donation to Marco Rubio. While it apparently is true that a politician in Florida named Norman Bie gave Rubio a donation, that man is not me: I never gave a political donation to Marco Rubio or to any other Republican.
Norman Bie

Innumerable bizarre coincidences have plagued me with my name, which may sound unique, but when I lived in Clearwater, Florida, FIVE of us Norman Bies lived there at the same time: My father and I (Norman S. Bie, Sr. and Jr.), and another family, Norman Bie, Sr., the real estate broker; Norman Bie, Jr., the lawyer and politician; and Norman Bie III, the radio guy. These Bies are Right-wingers, the opposite of my father and me. Our families are from the same small town in Southern Norway, but we aren’t related.

So my namesake Norman Bie, Jr., the George Wallace delegate; the only Democrat to stand up during Watergate to say that President Nixon’s Federal Crimes in the case weren’t so bad; the man who ran a Primary challenge against the only good liberal Governor Florida ever had Reuben Askew; Norman Bie, who is himself the main attorney for the Church of Scientology; if that Norman Bie gave $2,000 to Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, then that is about the LEAST racist thing that I’ve ever known of him to do.×165405

(complaining about my column from May 14, 2010):

I sent this rebuttal:

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