Get Thee To A Thuggery

Earthbound cheerleader misfit Michelle Malkin celebrates Labor Day the the old fashioned way (besides berating husband Jesse for sitting around the house cataloging his Bakuny? collection instead of looking for a job) by pointing out the myriad ways in which union thugs are totally mean to Freedom Works employees and government employees when everyone knows that only Tea Baggers are allowed to yell at politicians  and their moocher/looter minions.

Now if you go over there looking to see the footage of Kenneth Gladney being treated by the SEIU like he was a teabagging William Wallace, well, you’re going to be disappointed. Because union thuggery is so rampant (here a thug, there a thug, everywhere a thug-thug) Michelle was forced to limit her Top Ten list to the Greatest Hits of 2011 although actual hits were few and far between, and by that we mean no one actually got hit at all,¬† just Tabitha Hale’s iPhone being swatted and Fox News Mike Tobin suffering a devastating hit …. okay maybe not a hit, but it was definitely a punch… or maybe not exactly a “punch” but more like a “bad touch” on his shoulder which, when recalculated using 2011 thuggery inflation index, is exactly like being beaten with a lead pipe for two hours.

The rest of the top ten is made up of people saying mean things and using swears and, Jeebus knows, those can be painful.

But you know what is more painful? Watching this…


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