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Do Unto Others…

It would appear that the Turks mean business these days…

Dozens of Israelis questioned at length upon landing in Turkey

Israeli passengers authorities at Istanbul airport humiliated them and made them undress to their underwear; Officials in Ankara say Turkish tourists subjected to same treatment evening before at Israel airport.

As Turkey had noted…

Turkey: Israel was first to humiliate passengers at airport

Following reports of dozens of Israelis’ prolonged questioning at Istanbul airport, Turkish officials say Israeli security personnel also delayed a group of Turkish tourists on Sunday, and thoroughly questioned them.

And even another Haaretz article on it…

Foreign Ministry officials admit: Turkey citizens routinely humiliated at Israel’s airport

Dozens of Israelis say they were humiliated at Istanbul airport, forced to strip to their underwear on Monday; Foreign Ministry officials say humiliation of Turkish citizens happens on regular basis in Israel.

Foreign Ministry officials told Haaretz on Monday that over the past year, there were dozens of complaints on the part of Turkish citizens who claimed they were humiliated by Israeli security personnel at Ben-Gurion airport.

The officials also said that almost every Turkish citizen who arrives at Ben-Gurion airport undergoes a routine procedure of extensive, humiliating examinations that also include undressing to one’s underwear.

“Turkish citizens are always separated from the rest of the passengers at the airport,” said a Foreign Ministry official.

Turn-about is fair play, I say…

Btw, Turkey is not playing patty-cake with Israel either…

Turkey: Israeli diplomats must leave country by Wednesday

Move marks latest step taken by Turkey against Israel following the release of the UN-commissioned report on the 2010 Gaza flotilla raid.

Now, today’s Al Jazeera Inside Story asks the burning question…

Are Turkey and Israel on a collision course?

We ask whether by challenging Israel’s blockade of Gaza at the ICJ, Turkey is setting a precedent others might follow…

…Ahmed Davutoglu, the Turkish foreign minister, said Turkey did not accept the findings of a UN report which said Israel’s blockade of Gaza was a legal security measure.

What is Turkey likely to gain from the legal battle? Is Ankara setting itself on a collision course with Tel Aviv, or setting a precedent in dealing with Israel that might be followed by other countries in the region?

Meanwhile, Bibi is still completely unapologetic…

Israeli PM refuses apology to Turkey

Netanyahu says his country regrets “loss of life” in May 2010 flotilla raid but will not say “sorry”.


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