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A message for the liberals who will vote republican for various reasons besides agreeing with their ideology

I believe propagating the above titled idea will only further obscure any already dimmed-by-big-special-interests hope that we have of protecting our country by not standing behind candidates who advocate such things as real health care for all (and not being forced to buy a product completely unfettered by antitrust provisions whose sellers try to find any way imaginable to deny you care when you need it most), strong regulations against big business, and pre-emptive wars worldwide that serve only the military industrial complex.

Assuming all votes are counted as they should be, we would never truly know whether our country is turning out even more conservative automatons than ever before; or a lot of liberals finally saw some light and decided to vote against the democrats, *but* voting for the republicans for various “strategic” reasons.

The idea that voting republican will hasten the demise of a rigged political system by giving the conservatives more confidence and support in the form of votes — seems very apocalyptic to me. It reminds me of the right wing christian fundamentalists who advocate increasingly extreme conservative policies, while preaching that Jesus is coming soon and with that, the end of the world.

Instead of advocating a self-destructive path, why not support an actual liberal (third) party or candidate? It’s not an easy path of course, and the odds seem to be against it, but I’d much rather vote for what I believe in than the “gray twilight” that is the democratic party, or the over-the-top right wing extremists that are the republicans — regardless of the rationalizations under the misguided guise of strategy.

The time to do the right thing and vote for what we believe in is now. It’s not later; whether that later be an imaginary time when we feel a little bit more stronger and comfortable, or in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max style war-zone made more possible by giving faux support to the republicans.

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