My wife is a big fan of the TV show NCIS (Naval Command Investigation Services) and the long running program CSI. For years I have marveled at the shear volume of cop shows,  special investigation situation dramas, and now  “homeland security” dramas.  Special Agent (fill in the blank) has become a “constant” in what passes for a culture.  Lines of morality are neatly and clearly defined; two dimensional bad guys (at least on TV) seldom display compassion.  It’s as if  we, the unwashed masses, are being psychologically primed to accept life in a police state.

In all fairness I must admit that I was a big fan of  Efrem Zimbalist Jr (The FBI) in the 70’s.  Consider the unimaginable amount of money over the years we as a country have spent on law enforcement (local, state and federal); add the somewhat new “homeland security” institutions and the military and the price of being “safe” ends up some where in the stratosphere!  Do that many people “hate us for our freedom?”

What if this vast law enforcement (local, state, federal) , global and domestic spy network (NSA, CIA…)  and military machine’s primary function is to prop up capitalism?   Multi-national corporations require a vast pool of permanent “cheap” labor;  abundant natural resources and a willing “warrior class” to suppress  resistance (and guard the loot). The “Universal Solider.”



The “cold war” drained billions away from our schools, health care, and potential jobs projects;  the  “war on terror ” will surely take what is left.

In the “home of the brave”,  do we fear each other and rest of the world so much that we would allow this “con” to continue for another generation?

I saw a bumper sticker that said, “If you like your freedom, thank a Vet”. Malcolm X once said that if you allow anyone to lay claim to or take credit for you basic human rights (freedom, dignity…) you have already capitulated.