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Libera: The fountain – Soloist – Ralph Skan

Thirteen year-old Ralph Skan is the soloist in this enchanting recording of “The Fountain”. This solo recorded in 2010 for Libera’s album Peace (UK) (USA) was Skan’s first recorded solo, he has gone on to become one of Libera’s lead soloists and has carried several solos during their most recent tours. The song itself was co-written by Robert Prizeman and Libera alumnus Ben Crawley and speaks to the human need for comfort and strength in adversity. It’s quite a feat for a twelve year-old (he had his thirteenth birthday a few days ago) to sing with the musical maturity that Skan achieves in this recording. His singing matches the lyrics very well, it’s mature, strong, and concise with admirably clear diction and emotional depth.

This is just as true of the choir as a whole who sing  each note of each harmony with the same confidence, strength and concision achieved by the soloist. Nor is their singing let down by the recording you can hear the choir, you can hear the lyrics, and you hear the individual voices making their contribution to the musical whole. The album as a whole is a pleasure to listen and I’ll be writing about several of the pieces sung on it. But I think it needs to be said from the outset that it’s not just the choir who’ve grown. The album as a whole demonstrates greater musical maturity on both Prizeman’s and Crawley’s parts. Prizeman’s settings (in this case Frédéric Chopin Prelude op.28 no.20 in C minor) are now far defter than some of his earlier work and provide settings that are not only more confident in and of themselves but which provide a perfect vehicle for these talented and well-trained boys to express themselves.

lyrics below the video. Enjoy 🙂


Video Source: Libera: The fountain – Soloist – Ralph Skan – YouTube


Dolorosa, flumenosa, desolata, lacrimabila Dolorosa, flumenosa, plorata

The water sighs for me through teardrops now I see

The streaming water knows the fountain overflows

To cry for all, to wash all sorrow in waves of peace and love

Free my thirsty soul again

O living fountain

Lyrics Source: Peace – Deluxe Edition | Libera Official Website

Notes: This is a modified version of a posting posted on August 14, 2011 on my site.

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