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Come Saturday Morning: “Reform 2.0” = ALEC Astroturf

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The very well funded puppeteers of the American Legislative Exchange Council don’t much like it when the general public notices their existence, much less ALEC’s influence over Republican state legislators. So much like a squid squirts ink to cloud up the waters whilst trying to escape from view, ALEC’s squirting some obscuring muck out its hindquarters, the Minnesota version of said muck its Republican minions like Kurt Zellers and Steve Drazkowski call “Reform 2.0” (h/t Bluestem Prairie):

The MNGOP reformers are carrying on about their hip new crowdsourcing at the Fair. Fox News 9 reports in Politicians Get Warm State Fair Reception:

This year at the fair, the states GOP is pushing what they call “Reform 2.0,” and is seeking ideas for 2012.

“We’re going to be aggressive,” said Rep. Peg Scott, of Andover. “We want to hear from the people of Minnesota.”

That constitutional amendment--the centerpiece bill of Reform 2.0–didn’t come from the people of Minnesota. It’s one of the model bills from corporate bill factory, the American Legislative Exchange Council, of which Representative Drazkowski is a high-profile member.

The watchdog group ALEC Exposed explains what makes this bill so bad — in essence, it signs Minnesota up to become the post-Prop-13 California of the past three-plus decades, complete with the crumbling remains of once-excellent schools and streets, by making revenue increases incredibly difficult to enact.

But the example of California, whose schools went from being the best in the nation to among the worst, apparently doesn’t bother ALEC’s little helpers like Drazkowski, who like a good little zombie does what his master commands, down to putting his own name on their “model bills”.

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