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Watercooler – A Dingo Ate My Baby!

A Dingo Ate My Baby!

No no no no NO! That’s not the title I should have written.

I meant: An Octopus Stole My Camera!

Weee! Crazy stuff really does happen, all the time. People never believe me when I tweet stuff like “Teh damn squirlz, stealin mah beerz.”

They really DO steal my beers in the back yard. But I think the reason people believe this camera-stealing-octopus-guy instead of ME, is ‘cuz aside the fact that he has actual, you know, EVIDENCE, there is that cool song “Octopus I love you.” by Dalmatian Rex & the Eigentones.

You have know learned what is on my useless mind. What’s on yours?

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Kelly Canfield

Kelly Canfield