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Schedule for Tues Sept 6 through Friday Sept 9. We talk with – and you comment upon and pose questions for –  some of your favorite writers: political analysts, media critics, technologists, historians, etc. Virtually Speaking is public affairs, progressive voices, current events. Comments and questions courtesy of a digitally present studio audience. Which could include you. (see IRC below) All programs webcast and archived at BlogTalkRadio.  Available free at iTunes. See IRC below to participate. I post weekly, so you can go back to previous posts and link through to the juicy stuff. Miss the intro? Read about Virtually Speaking.

Sunday, Sept 4 | Dark for Labor Day. Up next week: Jay Ackroyd and Cliff Schecter

Tuesday, Sept 6 | Double Header

9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking Susie |  Susie Madrak talks with Investigative journalist Russ Baker of Follow him and the team @whowhatwhy. In his newest book, Family of Secrets – The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years – Baker provides the stunning counter-story to George W. Bush’s new book.| Listen live and later on BTR

10 pm eastern | 7 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking w/Jay Ackroyd – Special – Jay talks with Rob Roper about his Maine Republican roots and the party of, then, Senator Bill Cohen and Congresswoman Olympia Snowe, a very different party than the party of Paul LePage. Jay and Rob will use that as a jumping off point to discuss the balance between partisanship and governance.

Rob Roper hosts ‘Common Sense,’ a Vermont radio talk show. Involved in local politics since moving to Vermont in 1998, he has served as a Media Relations officer for a U.S. Senate campaign, Executive Director for the Vermont Chapter of FreedomWorks, Executive Director for Vermonters for Better Education, Chairman of the Vermont Republican Party. Listen live on BTR. Beginning Saturday, listen here.

Wednesday, Sept 7 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking Science | Alan Boyle talks with Rand Simberg As’s science editor, Alan runs a virtual curiosity shop of the physical sciences and space exploration, paleontology, archaeology and other ologies that strike his fancy. Alan is the author of “The Case for Pluto,” a contributor to “A Field Guide for Science Writers,” and the blogger behind Cosmic Log, the 2008 recipient of the National Academies Communication Award.
Rand Simberg describes himself as ‘just a recovering aerospace engineer.’ The Competitive Enterprise Institute describes him as ‘an expert on space technology and policy, particularly with regard to NASA and commercial human spaceflight.’ He writes widely about the politics and economics of space exploration. Read him in Popular Mechanics and Transterrestrial Musings – Biting Commentary about Infinity and Beyond! Watch him on YouTube. | Listen live and later on BTR

Thursday, Sept 8 | Double Header

9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking with Jay Ackroyd | Jeff Sharlet, Mellon Assistant Professor of English at Dartmouth, the college’s first professor of creative nonfiction, and a contributing editor for Harper’s Magazine and Rolling Stone. Jeff’ writes about American religious sub-cultures. His most recent book is Sweet Heaven When I Die: Faith, Faithlessness, and the Country in Between (2011) … 13 essays on how we gain, lose, maintain and blindly accept faith.

Barbara Ehrenreich described his 2008 The Family : The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power (2008), as “one of the most compelling and brilliantly researched exposes you’ll ever read.” Excerpts from Will’s 2010 book, C STREET received the Molly Ivins Prize, the Thomas Jefferson Award, and the Outspoken Award.

In 2000, Sharlet teamed up with novelist Peter Manseau to create, which has since become an award-winning online literary magazine about religion and spirituality. That led to a year on the road for Sharlet and Manseau, investigating the varieties of religious experience in America—a cowboy church in Texas, witches in Kansas, a Pentecostal exorcism for a terrorist in North Carolina, an electric chair gospel choir in Florida. Publishers Weekly described the book that resulted, KILLING THE BUDDHA (Free Press, 2004), as “perhaps the most original and insightful spiritual writing to come out of America since Jack Kerouac first hit the road.” Listen live and later on BTR.

10 pm eastern | 7 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking A-Z | Stuart Zechman and Jay Ackroyd| This week in liberalism: an ongoing discussion based on the conflict between movement liberals–liberals committed to the principles of Adam Smith and FDR–and the centrist elites who run the Democratic party.  Jay and Stuart consider the nature, ideology and political realities of liberalism and conversely, the nature, ideology and political realities of Democratic centrism.    Listen live on BTR. Beginning midnight Friday, listen here.

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Be part of the conversation. Ask questions, chat live with other listeners:
Internet Relay Chat
(IRC) allows you to be part of the virtual studio audience (aka chat room), sharing comments and questions while listening to Virtually Speaking live on BlogTalkRadio. Logs are shared with the show hosts and guests.

Use IRC:

1. Connect to
2. Create a log-in name
3. Enter #vspeak into the channel field.
4. NOTE: ‘Relay Rinq’ is not a person but a bridge to IRC chat.
5. Type into the text field along the bottom of the screen.
6. Begin your question with ‘QUESTION’ so it’s easy for the host (and me) to spot.

Show Notes: Listen better, listen smarter with some specific and general information.

Virtually Speaking Sundays| Can’t bear to watch the Sunday morning talking heads that inspire VS Sundays? Let Culture of Truth boil them down for you with the Bobblespeak Translations. Warning: swallow and put down the hot tea/coffee/cocoa before reading.

The VS Sunday panel draws from Avedon Carol, Cliff SchecterCulture of TruthDavid Dayendigby,  Joan McCarterMarcy Wheeler, Stuart Zechman and  Susie Madrak. From time to time, the make-up of the panel shifts. Also, every 5 weeks or so, one of our regular panelists invites a guest to join them.

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