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Media Starting to Notice Rick Perry’s $633 Million Taxpayer Funded Pay-to-Play Scheme

by Gage Skidmore

Not only has the Secessionist made millions while serving as Texas governor, he’s gotten the taxpayers to pick up the bill for his political fundraising.

While basing his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on limited government, the governor, 61, oversees state job-stimulating funds that have provided almost $633 million to companies including retailers Cabela’s Inc. (CAB) and Home Depot Inc. (HD) and agribusinesses such as Tyson Foods Inc. (TSN) A Perry spokeswoman says the recipients have created almost 58,400 new jobs. A watchdog group says two-thirds missed their targets.

Wait. Didn’t someone say something about government not being able to create jobs?

Funding recipients have included Washington Mutual, now a JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) unit, and Countrywide Financial, now owned by Bank of America Corp. (BAC) Perry’s campaigns received at least $8,500 in donations from both political action committees and/or from individuals tied to Washington Mutual and $7,000 connected to Countrywide, state Ethics Commission records show.

“It’s a pay-to-play deal, always has been,” said Dunnam, the former representative, who was on a legislative committee that oversaw development funds.

You really need to read the whole article, because the sleazy details about how the Secessionist pockets payoffs from all these Fortune 500 companies — all at the expense of the taxpayers — are appalling.

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