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One of the charms of the internets is that when a budding Pat Forde writes for his college newspaper at Podunk State, and he is bad … he is also nationwide:

Tim Tebow, the most hyped and most loved player to come out of college in recent years, has now reached an all-time low. He is now the third, possibly fourth-string, quarterback on a team that would have a hard time beating the 2008 Detroit Lions. He won’t be the starter week one in Denver, and likely won’t get a chance all season long.

This is brutally unfair and horrendously stupid of John Fox, John Elway and the entire Broncos organization. I believe Tebow should be the starter, no questions asked. Without giving him a chance, the Donkeys are just wasting a first-round pick that they moved up and traded to get.


People say Kyle Orton is the better choice for the Broncos. I don’t understand that at all. Three weeks ago John Elway and John Fox almost traded Orton to the Miami Dolphins. If that had went through, Tebow would have been named the starter. How does he magically go from the starter to third string in only three weeks of training camp? It can’t be based off of preseason games because he performed well in all three games and has yet to throw an interception.People (John Fox) say he won’t fit into the system. Another person who “didn’t fit into the system” was Vince Young. Vince Young was unfairly benched by his coach Jeff Fisher without being given a fair chance. Young was 30-17 as a starter in Tennessee, won rookie player of the year, and was a two time Pro Bowl selection. Young was thrown under the bench (TBogg: WTF?) just like Tebow . Young was at least given a second chance as a backup for the Philadelphia Eagles. Hopefully someone will take the chance on Tebow like Andy Reid did with Young.

The Broncos’ organization is making no sense to me and is quickly turning into the Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders when it comes to poor management choices. If the Broncos can finally come to their senses and play Tebow, they might be able to win the AFC West within the next three years.

For those who have never listened to sports talk radio, this is every third caller….

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