If I Should Die In A Cubicle Zone…

According to the old clock on the wall I’ve been at my real work desk for ….carry the three….oh, about 14 1/2 hours. My goal is to get out of here in a couple of hours, around 1-ish, because I have to be back here at 6am-ish to deal with programers on the elitist east coast. After which I’m guessing I’ll be here until 7pm-ish when I have to leave to go to dinner with mrsTbogg, and the L&T Casey for the L&T’s 22nd birthday.

Come and take it, Galtian Overlords

Thursday Basset Blogging is iffy right now because I haven’t been able to pick up my Mac from the geniuses yet.

Quitcher whinin’…

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