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“Don’t bogart that government Tit, my friend Pass it over to me!”

Consider the last Republican sweep of the House and the Governorships of Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Virgina: Personally, I think it was White working class America loosing their collective minds at the sight of a Black President. Look a little deeper, and ask who voted for these corporate stooges?  In the least populated rural areas where they pay the least amount of taxes, it was the so-called people of the “heart land”.  Funny, I always thought the “heart land” should be the big cities where the most people dwell. In the urban areas, most of the support for these Republican Governors came from law enforcement and fire fighters. Public servants who make their living on the federal, state and local dole made sure the rest of us “normal” citizens would never have a chance to suckle from the Government tit that they have enjoyed for so long. “Hey, don’t bogart that government tit, my friend Pass it over to me!”

I see an opening for one of my favorite tunes: Country Joe and the Fish.

Here is the link to Country Joe’s version:


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