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something is very wrong with this storm

First off, I am talking about here in the north east, my prayers to those who suffered from hurricane Irene where it was strong enough to do damage.

second off, I know this is going to make me look like some kind of conspiracy monger but never the less, I am compelled to write so here it is

Now to the post;

we have been in hysterical “preparation” for a weak category one hurricane for what seems like weeks, not only was it predicted to be a weak category one, they even anticipated it would degrade to a tropical storm before landfall or soon after.

the east coast has been through storms before, higher winds and more flooding, we can reference to hurricane gloria, hurricane donna, hurricane bob.

the hysteria presented by politicians over this tropical storm just does not make any sense at all and I said so before it made land fall.

They evacuated my community and others, though they didn’t even think of evacuating us prior any of these other storms.

So that’s the setup, now the rest of my observation and questions that need to be answered

other then a few trees that came down, (and I mean VERY few), there was NO damage that I can find here in mid long island, I don’t even see debree in the streets other then some leaves and small branches, no siding, no roofs, not even garbage cans

there was no substantial flooding, no damage from any high water, the grass looks as healthy as ever and nothing at all is saturated or water logged

you could (and I did) sleep through the storm it seemed so mild


in ct, the power went out at least from exit 40 past exit 91, and I have no idea from east to west, I am simply talking about north to south

here in long island power is out from sunrise highway and south, then for miles and miles east to west


WHENEVER power went out here before this “tropocal storm” (and everywhere I have ever lived), the power goes out in small sections or cells, power does NOT go out wholesale, it does not go out “all over the frigging place”

there is something really really wrong here, this seems like a deliberate system wide shut down

Now I suppose there might be some who will make the claim that they could be preemptive and shut down the entire grid to prevent a catastrophe but really, they’ve never done that before for stronger storms and this was downgraded to a tropical storm

I am going to put on my tin hat and say that this looks like some kind of preparation for an event that is planned pr expected in the future, I am going to say this looks like a trial run

now I know the counter points, that this should be too big a “conspiracy” and I happen to agree, if this really were some kind of trial run somebody would have spilled the beans.

but still, there is something very very wrong going on here

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