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"High Five Everyone!"

"High Five Everyone!" by SashaWolff on flickr

I joined FDL some weeks ago.  I signed up to do volunteer work at some level or other.  To my pleasant surprise, FDL got back in touch, and before I knew what was going on, I had signed up to do member outreach.  So I wound up in something called the M. E. T. – whatever that means.  I got a bunch of phone numbers to call.  So I called them.

Wow!  Hey, let me tell you, I took a virtual trip across America this weekend.  I journeyed from Manhattan to the hollows of Appalachia, from suburban Connecticut to the public schools of Seattle.  I talked to some of the most engaging people I have ever met, and that’s saying something, because I’ve done phone work for many decades now.

I heard, overwhelmingly, two things.

One is FRUSTRATION.  Obama has been a big disappointment to everyone.  Whether they precede his name with an obscenity or a whisper of regret, everyone feels sold short, let down, ignored or betrayed by the current administration.

The other is ACTION.  People begin by saying they are too busy, they are followers and supporters but not leaders, and so on.  Then they go on to talk about what they are doing, and it’s clear they are selling themselves way, way short.  These people are sparkplugs, initiators, inspirers.  They are working on school district campaigns, supporting third parties, chairing anti-racism teams at their churches, convincing their discouraged friends not to give up, sharing information with their grown children to support them, and generally taking responsibility for America’s and the world’s destiny at the local level, where all meaningful politics start.

FDL has attracted some of the very best people in America.  They are the ones who are building the future.  Not everyone on the web has what it takes to attract people like this.  But we do.  I urge and encourage all FDL members to join the outreach effort. We have nowhere to go but up.  We are just beginning.

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