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Bill McKibben: The Tar Sands Action Continues in Front of White House

White House Tar sands Aug 27

Tar Sands White House Protest August 27 (photo: Josh Lopez)

After a day off Sunday because of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene, the Tar Sands Action in front of the White House will resume with more arrests expected Monday. So far, 381 people have been arrested for trying to wake up the US President and the country on what could be “game over” in efforts to slow down global climate change.

[Update: Over 140 tar sands protesters were arrested today (Monday) in front of the White House. The group’s counsel, here at the Courthouse, tells us Climate Scientist James Hansen was part of the group arrested.]

On Saturday, tars sands and Keystone XL Pipeline protest supporters assembled in front of the White House — the picture at right — but as planned, did not force arrests.  However, the sit-ins and arrests should resume Monday.

Bill McKibben let us know he’s expecting up to 100 people to participate and be subject to arrest on Monday.  [We know now there were over 140 arrested today.] So neither the earlier arrests nor Irene kept people from arriving from all over North America, and they’re willing to risk and endure arrest to keep calling attention to the tragedy of becoming more dependent on the world’s second largest carbon deposit.

And this time, President Obama, who has the authority to make the call to stop this dangerous dependency and its climate effects, will be back to hear the message directly.  If you’re in the area, come on down to your White House and exercise your rights for your planet and make sure the President hears you.  They assemble about 10:00 a.m.

Bill also said that as soon as he’s covered the White House sit in on Monday, he’ll head over to the federal courthouse to join Jane Hamsher (and me) to watch the first day of Dan Choi’s trial for being arrested earlier this year protesting DADT and related issues.   For Bill, it’s an important act of solidarity with Dan, who joined Bill McKibben and the Tar Sands Action protest on Saturday, August 20 and spent 2 days in jail as one of the Tar Sands 65.

Jane will be providing periodic coverage for Dan’s trial tomorrow, though live coverage inside the court room is not, I believe, permitted. So watch for her posts and/or tweets.

For a fine summary of the tar sands and Keystone XL Pipeline issues, here’s Bill McKibben being interviewed by Chris Hayes this past Friday on Last Word.

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