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Hurricanes Can’t Stop FDL Members!

I am preparing my post a bit early in preparation for Irene. So far I think she is pretty.

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As the first strong east coast hurricane since 1944 rips through Virginia Beach and towards the nation’s capital where I reside, the wheels at FDL keep turning. The dark and portentous clouds overhead bring the fear of a close to summer, but bright conversations with new members and volunteers shine light on what is left and our membership drive.

We’ve had an amazing 43 members sign up just since this Monday. That is 43 more people we will be organizing with each and every week to take direct action in this country. Many are excited about a new proud “Firebagger” t-shirt and others just want to be on “the team.” “Sign me up,” they are saying, “I want to be enlisted.”

It’s funny, I talk more and more with members each day, I do feel like I am part of an army. An army that may not all think the same way, but all are in it for the same common good.

I was talking to one of our membership engagement team members (MET), our pilot volunteer program, this afternoon. He said that he had a wonderful conversation with someone when calling to thank a member for joining. They talked, exchanged emails, and are at the beginning of what could be a great friendship. It is really heartwarming, exciting, and rewarding to hear stories like that and know that I helped in some way to orchestrate it.

If you are not yet a member, please help Firedoglake ensure a sustainable future and stay as active as it has been for years, and JOIN NOW.

Click here to join at our exclusive Firebaggers level for $65/year and get an official Firedoglake Firebaggers T-shirt.

Thanks for all that you do to help this site fight through hurricanes, literally and metaphorically!

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Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook