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Despite hysterical headlines of an “historic” storm: Irene is a Category 1 Hurricane

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The Truth of Irene’s Strength? –not nearly that of her related headlines for the past two days from the US media.

Here is the latest report from the National Hurricane Center as of 6:03 AM Central Time and the hurricane  still has not made landfall on the US shores.

*Note:  A Category 1 is the lowest category on the Saffir-Simpson scale before a storm is classified as a tropical storm.

I guess they’ll have to dream up another distraction to keep our minds off the jobs that they are not creating, the Keystone Pipeline, and other real issues as these headlines have now proven themselves to be what they are:  Hyperboles of the first degree.  [On the plus side maybe this is their idea of stimulating the economy as no doubt millions of people went out and purchased items they might not have otherwise bought–water, flashlights, motel rooms inland, etc.  Of course this may not have been on the plus side for many of these people as they might not have been able to afford these purchases.]

But the problem and danger with this type of exaggerated and irresponsible reporting is the same as that of the little boy who cried wolf.  Maybe next time it really will be a Category 3 hurricane and thousands of people will not heed the warnings.

Addendum [added after publication of post]

This is not like it is the first time that the public have been grossly mislead by false impending apocalyptic warnings from the main stream media. Only a few months ago they were predicting that major portions of the West Coast were going to be consumed by a tsumini, resulting from the Japanese earthquake.

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Liz Berry