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Late Night FDL: Wisconsin Pizza on the Farm


There’s a farm outside of Stockholm, Wisconsin — a jewel of a Mississippi River town just an hour or so from the Twin Cities — that does something I don’t think any other farm in America does.

Every Tuesday evening from March to around Thanksgiving, from 4:30 to 8:00, they turn their farm into a pizzeria, complete with brick oven.

Yes, I know, there are other farms that serve pizzas. But this is the only one I know of where virtually everything that goes on and in the pizzas, including the grain for the flour of the crust, comes from the farm where they’re baked. That includes the pork sausage and the beef, the peppers and the kale, the basil and the tomatoes, the onions and the cheese. The olives and mushrooms are about the only ingredients they can’t provide themselves. Yet.

You wanna talk locavore? I gotcher locavore right heeeere. And yes, it’s all organic, in case you had any doubt about that.

The place is called A to Z Produce and Bakery, and to judge from their website they have lots of other good things besides once-a-week pizza. I must go there someday. (Though I think I’ll take their advice and wait until after Labor Day, when the summer crowds drop off.)

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