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We Firedoglake old-timers sometimes sit around the embers of a Late Night FDL thread to reminisce about the Good Old Days: what’s FDL’s Most Exciting Thing?

Was it uncovering the twists and turns of the Plame scandal and keeping the story aloft in the face of a complacent and complicit media? Was it our extensive liveblogging of the subsequent Libby trial? Was it our extensive foreclosure crisis coverage, where you learn things that the Bank-of-America-sponsored Rachel Maddow Show won’t cover? Was it early days — the riveting Ned Lamont campaign to boot Rape Gurney Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Party? Was it liveblogging from Vaughn Walker’s ceremonial courtroom while the religious right made fools of themselves defending Proposition 8? Was it the rubber-stamps-to-Congress campaign? Was it our successful transpartisan alliance to audit the Federal Reserve? Was it Edward Teller telling us all about Gluehorse’s Veep choice, Alaska governor Sarah Palin, the very day after Barack Obama’s historic Denver outdoor acceptance speech?

That’s a lot of excitement to choose from, and I’ve only scratched the surface of what we’ve accomplished around here.

As one of the oldest-timers around these parts, though, here’s my answer: the most exciting thing in the Firedoglake community is the very next thing. Now that we have a real membership infrastructure in place, t-shirts and stickers and webinars and meetups, we never know what the next exciting thing is. Because it’s right around the corner.

And you, as a Firedoglake Member, get to help FDL decide what that will be.

We’ve revamped how we decide what’s important here at FDL: we’re surveying our members, asking you what’s important, what matters most to you, what direction you want Firedoglake to take. We’re engaging our members in volunteer teams, locally and virtually, to undertake projects like the FDL Congressional Scorecard Group, and to support local groups like Portland’s vigil for Bradley Manning, and to figure out how to provide Book Salon authors with receptive audiences of FDL members when they travel. None of these are top-down; they are all organic, member-supported, member-originated, member-driven efforts to extend Firedoglake’s reach and expand our footprint.

We’ve grown and evolved. We listen. We’ve become member-driven, and that means we need to be member-supported. To make your voice heard, to make Firedoglake work, to get us to the next level of effectiveness, proactivity, and ruthless independent truth-telling, to become The Next Big Thing in the progressive blogosphere — we’ve simply got to have your help.

By which I mean: your time and your money.

Because the next Most Exciting Thing is right around the corner, and it might as well be Your Great Idea as anyone else’s — born of a MyFDL diary you write up for everyone to examine, picked up by a members’ work group, organized into a project, refined as we put our Firepup heads together, and presented to the Membership as the Most Exciting Thing.

Get on board. We need your help. Become a Member. Join us now.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge