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Jane Hamsher will be here making calls to members on livestream video, starting at 11:30 EDT.  If you’d like to become a member of  FDL, call us at 202-506-3907.

I just finished compiling all the great questions and sending out answers to guests of the conference call last week with Lt. Dan Choi.

What a riveting and passionate event! I am glad so many of you could make it and see what we have been offering at our membership program. If you could not make it please check out the full recording here. Lt. Choi spoke about his service, his case,  and his mistreatment by the Obama Administration and the government at large. Dan never thought of himself as an activist during his military service when he openly expressed his sexual orientation.  But now that he’s home, he’s found comfort in the support and integrity of being an activist against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

These are the type of amazing individuals joining us on our webinars each and every week. Two weeks ago it was Michael Moore, Dan Ellsberg, and Josh Koster. That session made headlines at TMZ when Moore suggested that Matt Damon should run for president.

Join our membership program at any level today to receive invites to all our amazing upcoming webinars this month!

Scheduled and on the roster for upcoming webinars are Adam Kanzer of Citizens United, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese talking about their October 6, 2011 demonstration, and Krist Novoselic and Rob Richie to discuss strategies to elect third parties. Join our membership program today!

A lot of you may not know that FDL is almost 100% funded by small donors and our membership program. Without you and your generous support we cannot build on the already amazing foundation that we have pieced together as a community over the years. I know that these times are hard and only getting more tumultuous, but this goes beyond supporting a website, but contributing to building a community that takes action and makes a kick-ass difference.

If you cannot afford a membership at this time due to financial constraints, we have some amazing generous sponsors who are willing to help out. Please send me an email and we will try to help you become part of our team.

Thanks for all your help during this summer at the lake membership drive.

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