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FDL Membership: More Than Just A T-Shirt

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Sure, an “Original Firebagger” t-shirt is pretty cool, don’t get me wrong.  But that’s really not the most valuable benefit of being an FDL member.  The most valuable benefit of being an FDL member is FDL itself.

The revenue from memberships is what allows us to stay financially and politically independent, which is why we can hold Democrats and Republicans equally accountable as they try to lead America down the wrong path.

More specifically, your membership pays for great reporting like that of David Dayen and Kevin Gosztola.  And the servers that host it.  And all the support people who keep those servers working and all the behind-the-scenes gears turning.  It also makes it possible for FDL to continue growing our reporting, analysis and activism capabilities so we can continue moving the conversation in Washington and around the country.

So if you enjoy our writing and value our activism, please join us as a member if you haven’t already.  For $45 a year (or $5/month), you become a Friend of FDL.  For $120 a year ( $10/month), you can be a Benefactor of FDL .   It all helps keep up the fight against creeping corporatism and right-wing ideologues.

Not only that, you also get a discount card for progressive retailers and the opportunity to participate in FDL planning sessions and exclusive webinars with the likes of Alan Grayson, Daniel Ellsberg, and Michael Moore.  At the $120/year or $10/month Benefactor level you can add a t-shirt or tote bag, and at the $1,000/year “Gosprey” level you get to attend the annual FDL dinner.

T-shirts are cool, but supporting independent media is even cooler.  Join now!

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