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Parody Canceled, Crackpot Rabbi Blames Earthquake on Gays

God Hates Fags...NOT

HARSHING OUR MELLOW - For the creepily bigoted, it's important to keep the nonsense alive. For these kids and their parents, it's out of the mouths of parents and into the mouths of children.

I had planned a parody post today. The basic idea was simple: Fundamentalist crackpot, Pat Robertson, would announce that yesterday’s east coast earthquake and coming hurricane were caused because of “teh gays”. However, a real pronouncement ruined the whole thing, except that instead of a brain-addled Christian bringing the “funny”, a Rabbi harshed everyone’s mellow.


In our fast-moving world, events overtake blog topics all the time. It happens to me and may have happened to you. What makes this near-miss a bit unique is Levin’s uncanny similarity to what I would’ve made up. He’s made me look like some sort of omnipotent Nostradumbass.

Making Parody True

It’s distressing when you can’t write a parody without some lunkhead making the parody true. Many “leaders” of the ignorati – political, spiritual, and economic – do it all the time. As they strengthen their grip, it’s getting easier to take “reality” and make it more real so it can be classified as parody. Will the Daily Show and Onion become straight news outlets?

Don’t answer that, it’s too scary to ponder.

America’s history is rife with all sorts of goofy, hostility swings. The Chinese used to be slant-eyed devils rather that the people who literally built the trans-continental railroad on their backs. We hated blacks, even though we brought them here and beat them into submission just for the hell of it. We cheated and killed off the Indians because they were in the way of Robber Barons hot on the trail of “investment opportunities”. And homosexuals?

God Hates Shrimp

GOD HATES SHRIMP - This makes as much sense as claiming "God hates fags".

Until recently we didn’t hate them so much as ignore their existence. The armed forces, Boy Scouts, and just about every other American institution were full of them, but we held tight to the illusion that they were unreal so they didn’t exist – as long as we didn’t ask and they didn’t tell.

Talk about your embarrassingly comedic parodies!

Proof That Showers Create Homosexuals

These days the hate is ramping up. It’s based on the faulty logic that soldiers admitting homosexual behavior instantly start lusting after their buddies because they’re suddenly sharing a shower they’ve been sharing since their enlistments. So far as I know, there’s no scientific evidence that showering causes homosexuality, though perhaps that explains politicians being straight while unknowingly hiring rent boys to carry their luggage.

As I read this post it dawns on me that the rabbi, Pat, and others of their ilk are simply ahead of the game. Perhaps it’s me who is out of synch while they’ve just gone farther in merging goofiness and reality into a parody of a parody of themselves.

However, I’m undaunted in my efforts to outpace their parody:

Headline: “Speaker Blames East Coast Earthquake on Gays…”

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