Nobody Loves You When You Can’t Hit A Down And Out

What’s that girl?

Timmy fell into the well and he can’t get out?

Looks that way.

If you’re wondering about the plight of that other inexperienced passer on the Broncos’ roster – how far and fast he has fallen in the eyes of his bosses – consider that at least some people in the organization believe that Tim Tebow(notes) is the fourth-best quarterback on the roster.

As one highly knowledgeable member of the organization told me Monday: “If everything was totally equal, and this were a competition based only on performance at this camp, Tebow would probably be the fourth-string guy. Kyle [Orton] is far and away the best, and Tebow’s way behind [Brady] Quinn too. And I’m telling you, Adam Weber is flat-out better right now.”


Sources say the Broncos view Tebow as a major project who was negatively impacted by the lack of an offseason. Having operated almost exclusively out of the shotgun in college, he still lacks smoothness when taking snaps directly from center: Whereas the Broncos’ other three quarterbacks anticipate the snap and are already into their drop upon receiving it, Tebow typically is locked in place, meaning he’s already behind in his timing upon the beginning of a play.

For all the talk about Tebow’s need to improve his mechanics, Broncos sources say his lack of familiarity with running a pro-style offense is an even more egregious issue. As one executive says, “Forget about how he delivers the ball, or how accurate it is. First he has to know where to go with it.”


Boomer Esiason, the former Bengals quarterback and current CBS analyst, says Tebow has no business being an NFL quarterback, and just because Tebow was successful at Florida, that’s no reason to think he’ll ever be any good with the Broncos.

He can’t play. He can’t throw,” Esiason said, via Mike McCarthy of USA Today. “I’m not here to insult him. The reality is he was a great college football player, maybe the greatest college football player of his time. But he’s not an NFL quarterback right now. Just because he’s God-fearing, and a great person off the field, and was a winner with the team that had the best athletes in college football, doesn’t mean his game is going to translate to the NFL.”

Esiason says he can’t imagine why the old coaching staff wanted Tebow and doesn’t see what good it does for the current coaching staff to keep him around.

“What Josh McDaniel saw in him God only knows. Maybe God does know — because the rest of us don’t,” Esiason said.

…and Tony Dungy’s best friend:

DENVER—Jesus Christ, noted Son of God and football analyst proclaimed Monday that second-year Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow lacks the pocket presence, arm strength, and passing accuracy necessary to be a starter in the NFL. “Tim’s place is at the right hand of the other backups on the bench, and his earthly works show that he deserves to dwell there all the days of his life,” said Lord and Savior of all mankind, adding, ““It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for Tim Tebow to complete a pass against the Cover-2”. “For Tebow must have faith in coach Fox’s plan, and pay his dues by wearing the headset, and by calling in plays from the clipboard while watching from the sidelines.” Christ also asked Tebow to stop praying to Him and asking to be made the number one quarterback in the depth chart, claiming “that’s never going to fucking happen.”

Jesus used to be a pretty good receiver in his day until he developed bad hands….


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