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Hidey-Hoe Late Night Firedogs!

One of the things that makes FDL so special is that we are not just activism and kick ass independent reporting and analysis. We also have culture, food, and of course, loads and loads of Grade-A Prime Snark!

I’ve been asked what it means to be a Progressive, how do you define that exactly? It is rather elusive when you sit down to try to encapsulate it; but I think it is fair to say that if you look at the totality of FDL, that is a good metric for being Progressive, smart, incisive and passionate, but still willing to laugh at the absurdity of life (and politicians).

You get all of this value from FDL seven days a week, every day of the year. If this community is something you value, something that you really build into your life, please consider becoming a member.

For $5 or $10 a month, the cost of a bucket of chicken, you can not only be sure that the voices and community you value are maintained and strengthened, but you also become a card carrying member of the Professional Left!

Lest you think that FDL is all fun and games, remember that the writers and commenter’s here have so moved into the heads of the White House that a state director of OFA (Obama for America) actually referred to the vocal and resolute Left as “Firebaggers” They meant it as a put down to compare the community here to the Tea Party.

Well, we have decided to wear it as a badge of honor, and wear it with pride. After all the whole point of activism, of blogging and speaking out. is to be heard and affect the course of our politics, be it national or local. Sure, they may be sneering at us with the term “Firebagger,” but they are still reading our pages and having to think about our points of view. That is a big step forward.

So whether you’re here for TBogg’s very tasty snark, or David Dayen’s cogent analysis, or the smorgasbord of views and stories over at MyFDL, there is a lot of value here at FDL for everyone.

If that has a value to you, then please help us build and expand FDL by becoming a member. By doing so you assure that the voices that the White House and Democratic leaders would rather go away are not silenced.

Why not become a member now?

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Bill Egnor

Bill Egnor

I am a life long Democrat from a political family. Work wise I am a Six Sigma Black Belt (process improvement project manager) and Freelance reporter for