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Rick Perry’s Evolution and Global Warming Denial Propel Him into the Lead in Iowa

He was wrong, according to most Republicans.

While the Secessionist was taken to task by the legacy media for his rube-ish views on science, he’s paying no penalty at all within the Republican Party.

Perry’s drawn some attention in the last week for his statements about global warming and evolution and although he’s drawn ridicule from Democrats and Republican elites for them our polling suggests he’s perfectly in line with the GOP base. Only 35% of Iowa Republicans believe in evolution to 48% who don’t. With the ones who do believe in it Perry’s in 4th place at 12%, putting him behind Romney’s 24%, Paul’s 18%, and Bachmann’s 15%. But with the evolution deniers Perry is the overwhelming favorite at 32% to Bachmann’s 19%, Romney’s 15%, and Paul’s 13%.

It’s a similar story with global warming. Only 21% of GOP voters believe in it while 66% do not. Again with the believers Romney is in a strong first place at 31% to 15% for Paul, 13% for Bachmann, 11% for Huntsman, and only 9% for Perry. But with the much more numerous group of Republicans who think global warming is a farce Perry cleans up at 28% to 20% for Bachmann, 16% for Paul, and 13% for Romney, giving him the overall lead.

This is why the Secessionist has been able to spout off in Texas for years and get away with it — there is no “too crazy” for Lone Star Republicans — just ask Kay Bailey Hutchison.

But people like Rover know this act won’t play in purple states, hence the GOP establishment’s panic.

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