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President Obama: ‘I’m a Blue Dog Democrat’

"Blue Dog" by george rodriguez, photo by mindfulone on flickr

Obamabots, can we finally drown this myth in the bathtub?

This little nugget was dug up from President Obama: ‘I’m a Blue Dog Democrat’ which links to an old Matt Bai piece written shortly after the “shellacking.”

From the original Matt Bai piece:

Privately, Mr. Obama has described himself, at times, as essentially a Blue Dog Democrat, referring to the shrinking caucus of fiscally conservative members of the party.

In a 2005 blog post that may be as valuable as either of his books in identifying the inner president, then-Senator Obama castigated his own party’s ideological activists for their attacks on Democratic senators who had voted to confirm John G. Roberts Jr. as chief justice.

“To the degree that we brook no dissent within the Democratic Party, and demand fealty to the one, ‘true’ progressive vision for our country, we risk the very thoughtfulness and openness to new ideas that are required to move this country forward,” Mr. Obama, who voted against confirming Chief Justice Roberts, wrote then.

Part of the contrast Mr. Obama sought to draw with Hillary Rodham Clinton during the 2008 campaign was that you would never catch him triangulating against his friends for political gain. It was a point of pride for Mr. Obama that he would have no so-called Sister Souljah moments, even when he vehemently disagreed with liberals.

Obamamus Prime really wants to be a liberal, but you guys just aren’t pushing him hard enough. But soldier on, Obamabots; soldier on.

I think he’s getting the message.

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