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OFA Watch – A page out of their training manual at ThePeoplesView.Net

Ever since Obama For America’s (OFA’s) New Mexico Director Ray Sandoval email bomblet hit the press; I have been curious about the blog where he got the explosive material that fueled the explosion.  Its name is “The Peoples’s View“.

My first impressions of that blog convinced me it would make folks at Daily Kos blush.  There is NO admission or even suggestion that Obama was anything other than simple perfection and those that criticized him in the Democratic Party were “Lefty Firebaggers” and quite frankly nuts.  Since then I have checked on the blog to see how things were cooking and find it simultaneously fascinating & depressing – a perfect example of people convinced they alone know the truth while living in a intellectual bubble of their own making.  If you haven’t spent some time looking at “The Peoples View” you may find it interesting – certainly for me encountering a place where the participants completely and totally embraced Obama’s every thought and utterance without question or hesitation was stunning.  This is “tribalism” to the finest degree.  On “The Peoples View” Party loyalty clearly trumps Policy.

A new post appeared on the site Sunday called A Left Wing Hierarchy; and it’s amazing!  It reads like a page out of OFA’s training manual.  It seeks to categorize us lefties and provide the loyal troops with some guidance about how to sort one type from the other and how to deal with each.  It ultimately ends each discussion about a particular type with a coldly clinical statement about the prospects of getting specimens of that type to support/vote for Obama so the supporter can make cost/benefit decisions on the fly. Ultimately the post ends with a discussion about dealing with difficult individuals and how the “internecine bickering” has to end and that we are coming to a time “when we will be asked to start working in earnest for the President’s re-election”.

This post says as much about the writer and the blog it appears on as anything else.  The most glaring thing is that its author simply refuses to admit that our concerns about Obama are legitimate in any form or fashion. Even our simplest and most humble protestation appears to have fallen on deaf ears. “We” are either a “Narcissist”, an “Anarchist”, an “Elitist” or a “Reactionary” and once you have that classification in hand you simply follow the contained instructions and there you have it.  “Our” concerns about Obama administration attacks on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Middle Class are not real – just part of the pathology of whichever mental disease we are afflicted with.

As I read the post I am troubled by the recurring thought that this actually does reflect OFA’s attitude about “us”, that this is the bubble OFA lives in.  I am also struck by the surreal mindset revealed by the post.  It’s as if they can flip a switch, approach people in the right way and some component of the “lefty firebagger” world will magically be converted back into Obama supporters. They simply do not understand how unlikely this is.  They cannot see that Obama’s reelection campaign is already over.  He has already lost.  Too much water has flowed under the bridge for everyone to kiss and make up.  It’s only a matter of which Republican will be the next President.

Note:  This post can also be found on my occasional blog – Nob Hill Observer.

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