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Obama’s FBI Targets

It seems that in the world of Beloved Leader, any kind of questioning or opposition to the permanent wars (aka “foreign policy”) of the United States is enough basis to warrant the concern of the FBI.  In recent days, Justin Raimondo,’s leading columnist, brought attention to the fact that even this long-established right-wing site has been deemed of sufficient interest and dubious loyalty to attract the attention of the Feds.  The Raw Story has also picked this up, along with other sites on the internet.  It seems that our resident “peace president” is as vigilant on his political right as he is on his left…though, tellingly, the latter has drawn more than mere investigation from our protector in the White House.

Well, surprise, surprise.  You can’t seize too many laptops or break down too many doors, in pursuit of those whose thoughts require Grand Jury processing.  Still, at least in the case of, matters have not devolved to the appearance of the State at the door, wanting to know why citizens are expressing deviant viewpoints.  For that, at least, those of us who prize this unique resource on the internet can feel fortunate–if not exactly grateful.

One more thought:  it will be interesting to see whether the publicity around this snooping actually ends up sparking’s current fundraising drive.   It has long been the case that small donations from those like yours truly have kept it (barely) in operation.  It would be a delicious irony if the attentions of the heroes from COINTELPRO actually helped succeed in its current appeal for funds.  One can hope.

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