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Kicking Off Our August FDL Membership Drive: Become an Official Firebagger!

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Since its inception earlier this year, the FDL Membership Program has become a valuable new communication hub for people who really want to be involved in working towards FDL’s mission of building a humane, sustainable, equitable and democratic society.

Our town hall webinars have provided a place for FDL members to discuss innovative ideas and strategies among ourselves, as well as with leaders like like Daniel Ellsberg, Michael Moore and Alan Grayson. We have had briefings from experts like Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson of Social Security Works on the state of the battle to preserve Social Security, and learned about cost-effective campaign techniques like nanotargeting with digital media expert Josh Koster. The membership program even sponsored a community-wide webinar that allowed all FDL readers to talk with Dan Choi and his lawyer about his upcoming trial.

But we’re just getting started. In the coming weeks we’re going to having member webinars that include:

  • Fair Vote’s Rob Ritchie and Krist Novoselic (formerly of Nirvana) will discuss voting reforms that make third parties possible
  • Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese of will brief us on plans for the October 6 march on Washington
  • Adam Kanzer of the Domini fund will discuss how they have successfully engaged in shareholder activism and how they are fighting back against Citizens United

And that’s only the beginning. Over the coming months we will be recruiting and training member volunteers to take on greater roles in determining and executing campaigns, as well as building out the website.  We have an amazing group of members who really want to have a way to get more involved in taking action, and the first volunteers are just getting started. You’ll be reading about their experiences at MyFDL over the course of the coming week.

FDL has been incredibly effective for our size, but we know we can do more.  We’ve successfully campaigned to pass bills like Audit the Fed and Student Lending when the powers that be were opposed.  We were covering the shenanigans behind the S&P downgrade long before anyone else, and we worked hard to get more humane treatment for Bradley Manning.  We support and promote the work of other organizations as well, from Color of Change and Presente to RH Reality Check, and Public Citizen.

We have promoted the work of hundreds of authors and created a forum to discuss their works with them on the Book Salon, hosting chats with writiers like Naomi Klein and Bill Moyers, James Galbraith and John Dean.  And we’re not afraid to challenge entrenched power and personally put ourselves on the line, as everyone saw this weekend when many of us went to jail to protest the Tar Sands pipeline.

But we realize that the challenges before us all are going to be much larger and more daunting than anything we have faced before.  And the only way we can rise to meet those challenges is to work much more closely with our members by integrating them in our campaigns at all levels, and by expanding our capacity to provide grassroots organizers with the tools, the forum and the community support to successfully take action themselves.

The FDL membership program provides the foundation for all of that.  If you’re not a member, we hope that you will join us as in working together as part of a committed group of citizens determined to fight back against the corporate kleptocracy that dominates our political system.  And if you are a member, we hope that you’ll let others know about your experience in the program, and let us know if you’d like to volunteer by filling out our membership volunteer application.

By popular demand, we’re celebrating the honorific that has been bestowed on our community by offering a special Firebagger membership level of $65 per year that comes with an “Official Firebagger” t-shirt.  (If you’re already a member, you can order t-shirts and tote bags here.)

Become a member of Firedoglake now.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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