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Sunday Talking Heads: August 21, 2011

Lt. Dan Choi at the Tar Sands Sit-In, that's Jane filming him. photo by Josh Lopez

Mostly horse racing again today but that will include some coverage of Obama and his beloved base.

Peterr speaks:

Given that Scarecrow will be hosting his own DC-based Sunday morning event at the DC jail, it seems someone else will have to give his usual “WTF were the bookers thinking?” comments. I’ll start the ball rolling . . .

  • Mark Zandi will be rather lonely, as the only panelist on CBS who inhabits the real world.
  • NBC stands out as particularly uninspiring this Sunday. EJ Dionne may want to scratch his eyes out.
  • Note that the 60 Minutes interview with Timothy Dolan is a re-run, and predates the mess in Ireland, the Philadelphia grand jury indictments of RC bishops’ staffers, and the NY marriage equality vote in Albany. IOW, why bother?
  • With the change of two words, Q&A might be a powerful piece: “Pamela Constable, author of a new narrative detailing the political, cultural, and religious complexities existing in modern day Pakistan  America. She portrays a country riddled with corruption, devastated by floods, and terrorized by Islamic Christian extremists…” Maybe Pamela will write a sequel.
  • What’s missing? Let’s see . . . the financial sector led the decline in the stock market this past week, so it might have been nice to have a banking expert in there somewhere. And no, Maria “Money Honey” Bartiromo doesn’t count. Bombs in Afghanistan seem to be off the Sunday Morning radar as well.

Now that I think about it, Scarecrow may be rather relieved to be away from this kind of nonsense for a Sunday.


Washington Journal.

ABC’s This Week: Jake Tapper host. Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod. Roundtable: George Will, Donna Brazile, Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times, Frank Luntz, and Liz Claman of FOX Business Network. “And as the president begins his vacation, he might not be resting so easy as he gets flack from an unlikely place: his own base.”

CBS’ Face the Nation: Norah O’Donnell hosts. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Economist Mark Zandi. Former party chairs, Ed Gillespie and Terry McAuliffe.

CNN State of the Union: Obama campaign adviser David AxelrodGov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) and Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD). Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) of the Congressional Black Caucus.  The economy – U.S. economic editor of The Economist Greg Ip and Editor of Thomson Reuters Digital Chrystia Freeland.

Chris Matthews: Is Perry Like Reagan, The Westerner Who Can Defeat The Establishment Romney? In Bad Economic Times, Would Perry’s Far Right Rhetoric Get Overlooked?

Fareed Zakaria – GPS: John Miller on al Qaeda.  And more.

Fox News Sunday: Horse race and the economy.  Roundtable: Bill Kristol, A.B. Stoddard, Steve Hayes,  Evan Bayh.

NBC’s Meet the Press: Horse race. Obama for America Campaign adviser, Robert Gibbs. Then, Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN). Roundtable: Harold Ford, Jr., Peggy Noonan, E.J. Dionne, Maria Bartiromo.

Newsmakers: On Newsmakers, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said he will release a proposal to update the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law next month. He said it is “punitive” in its current state and that schools need more “flexibility” and “autonomy” on how to educate children…

Q & A: Pamela Constable, author of a new narrative detailing the political, cultural, and religious complexities existing in modern day Pakistan. She portrays a country riddled with corruption, devastated by floods, and terrorized by Islamic extremists…

Religion & Ethics.

60 Minutes: U.S. vs. Drake – Tom Drake, a former National Security Agency senior executive, was indicted last year for espionage after leaking allegations to the media that the nation’s largest intelligence organization had committed fraud, waste and abuse. The 33 – Three months after 33 Chilean miners were rescued from a half-mile underground – where they lived in daily fear of death for 69 days – psychologists say more than 20 of them are experiencing serious mental stress. The Archbishop – In a wide-ranging interview with Morley Safer, New York’s Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan discusses the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, his current mission and the state of the church in America.

To the Contrary: Topics: New research that finds women value higher education more than their male counterparts; the importance of a new memorial honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the National Mall; and ways women can become more financially independent. Panelists: Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD); The Heritage Foundation’s Genevieve Wood; The Progressive Magazine’s Ruth Conniff; and Conservative Commentator Tara Setmayer. Guest host: Donna Brazile.

Univision’s Al Punto: Cecilia Muñoz, White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs; Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL); Clarissa Martinez, Director of Immigration and National Campaigns, NCLR; Israel Ortega, Editor, Heritage Libertad; Arnoldo Torres, Expert on Hispanic Issues; Ezequiel Hernandez, Immigration Lawyer; Felipe Matos, Student and Community Organizer, “Presente.Org.”

Virtually Speaking: Bobblespeak’s Culture of Truth and our David Dayen.

C-SPAN’s Book TV.

FDL Book Salon: Kill the Messenger: The Media’s Role in the Fate of the World. “What role do the media have in creating the conditions for atrocities such as occurred in Rwanda? Conversely, can the media be used to preserve democracy and safeguard the human rights of all citizens in a diverse society? How will the media, now global in scope, affect the fate of the planet itself.” Chat with author Maria Armoudian, hosted by our friend Spocko.  5pm ET.

FDL Movie Night Monday: Electric Daisy Carnival Experience. “The film itself is a rapturous, delirious, swirling ride through rave culture.” Come meet-up with director Kevin Kerslake and host Lisa Derrick, 8pm ET.

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