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US Tortures Pregnant Immigrant with Nazi Concentration Camp Procedure – Obama Covers it Up

US Tortures Pregnant Immigrant with Nazi Concentration Camp Procedure – Obama Covers it Up — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

(formerly titled “Obama Administration Covers Up Nazi Concentration Camp Torture Inflicted on Pregnant Immigrant”)



The state of Tennessee violently Tortured Juana Villegas by shackling her legs together while she was in labor. ( link is repeated in Comment 1, below.) Incredibly, despite overwhelming evidence, no one has been arrested for the Torture.

Here are some of the co-Conspirators whose actions and inactions constitute crimes in the Torture of this woman and its Cover-Up:

  • ~ The guards who Tortured her;
  • ~ All guards and others who witnessed or knew about such Torture but failed to report the crimes;
  • ~ The Prison Administrator who ordered the Torture;
  • ~ The state and/or prison official(s) who officially decided that this Torture policy is allowed in Tennessee;
  • ~ The prosecutor (and all other prosecutors with jurisdiction) who failed to file Torture and Cover-Up charges against the criminals in this case;
  • ~ The District Attorney with jurisdiction there, and any other District Attorney(s) who served there yet ignored their duties to prosecute during of this case;
  • ~ Tennessee Attorney General Robert Cooper, and any other Tennessee Attorney(s) General who failed to file Torture and Cover-Up charges during this case;
  • ~ G.W. Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey, who had jurisdiction during Villegas’ Torture;
  • ~ US Attorney General Eric Holder, who continues to actively Cover-Up these crimes by failing to file Torture and Cover-Up charges against the Torturers and the white-collar criminals cited above;
  • ~ US President Barack Obama, Holder’s boss: It is he [Obama] who profits the most from Covering Up the Torture of Villegas and other pregnant women: This Cover-Up shelters President Obama’s frequent “We don’t Torture” statement from being exposed as a lie.

In addition, all state officials and prison officials in all states who set policies allowing these Tortures should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for their respective participations in illegal Conspiracies. They and the ten criminals named above should be turned over to international prosecutors at the Hague to be tried for Crimes Against Humanity, as should George W. Bush, who was President when Villegas was Tortured.

Obama’s frequent lies about Torture seem calculated to Cover Up the crimes of George Bush, whose antics installed Obama. These lies also Cover Up the crimes of Dick Cheney and many others in the Bush Administration.


My partner Rachel long ago relayed to me her aunt Sylvia Neulander’s report on liberating Concentration Camps during the fall Nazi Germany, in the first four months of 1945. Sylvia worked with the Resistance, “the Underground,” the Haganah: The secret military arm of the Jewish Agency (which was the Jewish Government of Palestine under the British Mandate during World War II). Secret Agent Aunt Sylvia was a “doughnut girl” for the American Red Cross.

As the fighting of World War II drew to a close in Europe: The invading Russian Army advanced through Poland and into Germany; and the pace of the Genocide against the Jews increased, “For example [at the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp in Germany] 130 babies and pregnant women were gassed in March 1945” ( repeated in Comment 1), according to JewishGen, a non-profit organization affiliated with the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

Sylvia said that while liberating a Concentration Camp with the Red Cross, she discovered a woman in labor with her legs shackled together.

Sylvia freed the woman, who did then give birth. The woman told Sylvia that shackling pregnant women’s legs together was a standard Torture at the Camp, and that the procedure often killed both mother and child. The woman did die from the Torture. The following link (repeated in Comment 1) confirms Sylvia Neulander’s work as a spy and doughnut girl.

In 2006, the UN outlawed as Torture the shackling of a woman’s legs together during labor and childbirth. In 2011 Hawaii outlawed this Torture, to the praise of Human Rights advocates. New York did so in 2009. (See these links placed in Comment 1, below.) In 2011, Virginia confessed that it intends to similarly Torture more female inmates. If one of them dies, it will be Premeditated Murder.

This 2006 report from the UN addresses Shackling Torture of pregnant women in Articles 7 & 10, and elsewhere throughout document. The report notes “U.S. Ratification of CEDAW would Expose Women’s Inequality: The failure of the United States to ratify the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is further indication of the depth of the problem of achieving sex equality in the United States.” See page 24 of the report in particular: (This link is repeated in Comment 1.)

(Note: Restraints in prisons are also used to force women to maintain positions whereat they can be raped, but that is another story.)

One Minute Lawyer (at repeated in Comment 1) gives each state’s law on this type of Torture. To sum them up: Aside from Hawaii and New York, all US states allow vile sadists to Torture pregnant women with leg restraints in the third trimester. A few disallow or disrecommend Torturing women by shackling their legs during labor and/or delivery. Virginia this year adamantly insisted that this Torture is appropriate for (Black) women (and presumably immigrants). ( repeated in Comment 1.)


Here’s a petition to stop these Tortures (in the link that follows, repeated in Comment 3):

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